Here at Hotels Fairy we are committed to helping you find the best deals on hotels from around the web.  But just how good a deal is it possible to find?  Could you stay in a hotel for less than £10 per night? Here is a short list with the world’s cheapest hotels.

10 Hotels for under a Tenner

Well, you can actually.  We’ve done our research and selected the top 10 hotels around the world for under a tenner.  Of course, you’ll have some make some compromises, but if you want to see the world on a shoestring then this article is for you.  Read on for details of some of the world’s cheapest hotels actually worth staying in:

Super 8 Jia He Hotel, Shanghai, China – from £7.50pppn

World's cheapest hotels ShanghaiIf you’re travelling around China on a shoestring, then you’ll be glad of a clean, safe room (even if very basic) at the Super 8 Jia He Hotel.

It may not be the world’s most stylish or luxurious hotel, but with double rooms from just £15 per night including free broadband Internet, you can’t really complain.

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Hostal de la Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina – from £5pppn

World`s cheapest hotels Buenos AiresLocated in one of the city’s most traditional areas, and with a beautiful entrance courtyard, Hostal de la Boca is the perfect place to stay if you want a real taste of colourful Argentinian culture.

Beds in dormitories start from £5, and they also have cheap double rooms from £14 and triple rooms from £18.

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Hostel 639, London, UK – from £9.90pppn

World`s Cheapest hotels in LondonYou’ll have to share a room with people you don’t know, but Hostel 639 offers you a warm welcome and a clean, safe place to stay the night, right outside Kensal Green tube station, giving you easy access to London’s many attractions.

Girls can stay in a female only dormitory for only £9.90 per night, but men have to fork out an extra 10p for a bed in a mixed room.  Despite being one of the most expensive cities in the world, it seems that you can stay in London for less than £10.

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Judit Apartments, Budapest, Hungary – from £9.25pppn

World`s Cheapest Hotels BudapestTravel to the centre of Europe and you can get even better value, with private double rooms at the Judit Apartments from just £18.50 per night.  It may be a bit 70s, but it’s just a short walk from the river Danube and the immense WestEnd shopping centre.

It’s also only just outside the main city centre, and being apartments you can save even more money by self-catering in the basic kitchen facilities provided.  Guest reviews range from excellent to awful, but in reality, it depends on whether your expectations are realistic.

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Vaboir Lodge Royal Suite, Bangkok, Thailand – from £5.95pppn

World`s Cheapest Hotels BangkokThe name of this hotel sounds far too grand to be on this list, especially when you hear that you can book double deluxe rooms for less than £12.

This 3-star hotel isn’t exactly luxury in practice, and it is outside of the main tourist centre of Bangkok, but it does have decent guest reviews, and if you’re looking to cheap place to stay in Bangkok, you won’t get much better than this.

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Village Royale Holiday Home, Calangute, India – from £5.50pppn

World`s Cheapest Hotels GoaSet in a peaceful location just 1 km from the popular beach resort of Calangute in Goa, India, this is probably the cheapest place in Paradise.

The hotel is basic and quite dated, but the staff are reputed to be helpful and it does have its own pool.  It’s a little worrying that the hotel claims to be an ideal retreat for “mature travellers” and its postal address is a nursing home, but hopefully that’s just a strange coincidence.

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Hotel Sayang Maha Mertha, Bali, Indonesia – from £3.80pppn

World`s Cheapest Hotels BaliForget staying for under a tenner, at the Hotel Sayang Maha Mertha in Bali, you can stay for less than £4 per night, making it one of the cheapest hotels in Indonesia, if not the entire world.  The hotel is walking distance from Kuta Beach and the staff are generally found to be friendly and helpful, but don’t expect too much for this price.  If a cheap bed for the night is all you need, then go for it.

Also in Bali is Nick’s Pension, which is much more comfortable and located close to many of Bali’s main attractions in Ubud, but it is more than twice the price with double rooms costing around £20 per night so it just depends how thin your shoestring is.

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Demel Hotel, Kraków, Poland – from £8.75pppn

World`s Cheapest Hotels KrakowA short taxi ride away from the attractive historic city centre of Kraków is a pleasant four-star (yes 4 star!!) hotel with double rooms available for less than £20 per night.

Some guests have reported that some of the hotel’s facilities such as the swimming pool and gym are not always open, which may explain the low room rates, but if you want a comfortable hotel in Kraków then you won’t get much better value than this.

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Sunstyle Suites, Orlando, USA – from £9.50pppn

World`s Cheapest Hotels OrlandoEasy to reach from the main highways and just a few miles from the many famous theme parks and attractions in Orlando, Sunstyle Suites is ideal for anyone seeking a cheap holiday in Florida.  The rooms are pleasant and well equipped with cable TV and free wireless Internet, and kitchen facilities are available for those who want to self cater.

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El Cortez Hotel, Las Vegas, USA – from £7pppn

World`s cheapest hotels Las VegasThe El Cortez Hotel in the historic downtown area of Las Vegas is a convenient place to stay and has excellent reviews from guests, with the general consensus being that it’s not just good because it’s cheap, but that it is actually good.  In fact, it’s won many awards including 2009 Best Downtown Hotel from the Las Vegas Review.

Like many hotels in Las Vegas, the El Cortez Hotel clearly hopes that you’ll lose a lot more money than the £14 you’re playing for a double room, with plenty of gambling tables and slot machines within the hotel helping to fund their US$25million renovation project.

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The World’s Cheapest Hotels

So it’s clear that you really can travel the world on a shoestring, with plenty of hotels for under a tenner available if you look hard enough, and what’s more, they’re not all smelly hostels in dubious parts of the world, but genuinely decent and in some cases really good places to stay.

Obviously, room rates vary depending on what you book and when you book, but Hotels Fairy’s hotel price comparison search tool is always here to help you find the best rates on hotels for your travels, so do check at the time of booking.

Whether you stay at any of the hotels listed above, or choose to stay at any other cheap hotel around the world, it’s always a good idea to look at other guests reviews to find out if it is a genuine bargain or if there is some less attractive reason why it’s cheap.

If you found any other cheap hotels that are unbelievable value or if you’ve been caught out by a budget nightmare then please do share your experiences in the comments below.

Note: pppn = per person per night