There are many different reasons as to why you may want to go travelling and escape from home, it could be that you are planning a gap year to go travelling, you could want to escape your office for a while, change your life style and live somewhere new.

Whatever the reason, a round the world trip could help to discover new and exciting things and even you!

With hundreds of different destinations and round the world flights, it could get very overwhelming to choose the places you want to go to. Some of the most popular destinations such as, Sydney, Bali, Bangkok, Singapore, Mumbai, Hong Kong, New York, and Mexico are some to include on your travels for a wide selection of places to go to.

Each country and each city can provide different benefits for you as you learn new skills and see new sites.

Every destination you go to can offer you something different, such as learning new languages, trying new cuisines and seeing others cultures. Therefore when you are thinking of the places you want to go to, consider a wide selection of places you might like to visit. You could learn to speak Portuguese in Rio de Janeiro, eat spicy food in Mexico, or see the opera house in Sydney.

World Wide Trip - Sydney Opera House by Linh_Orm

When deciding on all your destinations, you should also think about which destination should follow the next, as you do not want to be going around and taking the longest journeys to each destination, instead you should go round in as much of a circle as you can or to closer destinations together.

If you’re unsure of what route would best suit you, then when you book your travelling holiday through an agency, they can create a journey that will keep the cost down and best suit you.

There are many time lengths that you may want to go for, be it for a few weeks, and few months or a couple of years.

You may stay in one place longer than another and work in the country to earn money until you move on to your next destination, for this you may want to look into working in these different places, apply for jobs before you get there and find out if you need a work permit or not.

The money and cost of your travelling holiday can all depend on how much you can afford at the time you go and when and where you go. If you are planning you’re travelling on a budget, its best to ensure you have all flights and hotels booked before you go and then all you have to think about is the cost of spending money.


World Wide Trip - Beach in Thailand By Flydime

Try to book your round the world flights as early as you can so that you do not pay over the top prices and to avoid disappointment if you book too late.

Remember to think about any visas that would be required to get into any of the countries you want to visit. India and Kenya, Nepal and Indonesia are just a few examples of places that require you to have visas.

It’s important to have at least 6 months left on your passport when trying to enter into any country, as this is the requirement for most countries, otherwise you could be refused entry.

Before you fly world wide it would also be a good idea to look into the health advisory for each of the countries, as there are many different vaccinations needed for some of the poorer countries that are required before entering the country which you can normally get from your local doctor.