World Pride 2012 – The Biggest Pride Event Ever

World Pride 2012
World Pride
World Pride 2012 – Image by wp2012

World Pride 2012 is the biggest LGBT pride festival in the world. It will be held in London from 17 June to 8 July 2012. This coincides with LGBT Pride Month in the United States.

The event will be held shortly before the Olympic Games, which will be held in London in mid-July. The two week long pride events culminate with a parade on 7 July; there will be a festival as well from 7 July to 8 July.

World Pride 2012 begins with a festival on 17 June in the Soho district. The festival will include music, dancing and a variety of solo acts. There will also be a night of theatre in the Soho district on 24 June. which will include an LGBT-themed variety show.

Another highlight of World Pride 2012 is a 2-day fashion show, running from June 27-29. This fashion show will feature clothing by Voyjer, an up-and-coming fashion designer who has worked with film directors.

This will be the LGBT community’s chance to see Voyjer’s new line of clothing and possibly purchase new wardrobe items.

There are a variety of other events planned for the rest of the two weeks; there will be plenty of live music, entertainment and even a drag ball. At the end of the first week of events, there are a couple of contests.

The drag ball includes a competition for Miss World Pride 2012, and soon after the SoHottie contest allows all members of the LGBT community to compete for the title of SoHottie 2012.

The SoHottie contest is run like a traditional beauty pageant, with a swimsuit competition, trivia contest and other events designed to help determine who the hottest participant of the year is. The winner of the SoHottie competition will get to host an opening event for the last week of the festival, complete with a light show.

During the second week of festivities, there will also be a screening of a movie called Beyond Gay and plenty of dancing, as well as a variety show featuring acts from around the world.

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Although many of the World Pride festivities are adult-oriented, some portions of the festivals will have family areas–places where children can play and parents can socialize with one another. Thus, parents may want to travel with children to London for World Pride 2012.

However, parents should keep in mind that they may need babysitting services throughout the two week event if they choose to bring children with them, since the drag ball and related events are meant for adults only.

World Pride 2012 promises to be the biggest LGBT pride festival in the history of the world. People from all over the world will be in London to celebrate pride in their diversity and in their status as sexual and gender minorities.

Approximately a million people are expected to attend this event; people who are interested in attending should book their hotel rooms as early as possible, as hotels may be in short supply because of both World Pride Day and the 2012 Olympics.

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