For most of us, wedding season means travelling all over the country to participate in the weddings of our family and friends. It’s fun, it’s exciting, but it can also be stressful and complicated at times. If you’re the bride (or groom) you can make wedding travel easier for your guests, a favour for which they will forever be grateful.

Remember, you don’t need to shower your wedding guests with caviare and diamonds to show how much you appreciate their support and participation.

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One of the simplest, best ways you can make travel easier for your out-of-town relatives and friends is to send save the date cards as early as possible. Combine your engagement announcement with a quick save the date that lets people know when they should be booking their tickets. (Simple, cute engagement announcements with ring and wedding cake motifs are available online.) This is especially important if you are getting married on a holiday weekend or during the week. The earlier you let them know, the more likely they are going to be able to make it.

If many of your out-of-town guests will be staying in hotels, make things easier (and cheaper) for everyone by arranging a block of hotel rooms at a group rate. If you are getting married in a hotel ballroom, the hotel should be especially helpful in accommodating all your guests. This will also help prevent last-minute guests from being blocked out of the hotel, especially during a busy season.

Talk to the hotel manager about reserving rooms as soon as you pick a wedding date and venue. When booking rooms for friends and family, bear in mind the varying budgets and needs of all your guests—make some budget rooms available along with the luxury suites, and ensure that families with children will be comfortable.

To help guests who may not know each other get comfortable, mark all the rooms in your block with a small sign, say of a picture of wedding rings, so guests will know where to find each other.

One of the easiest, and most appreciated ways to show travelling guests how much you appreciate their effort is to arrange for transportation from the airport. Some guests may choose to rent cars at the airport, but the ones who don’t, especially elderly relatives, will be gratified to see a taxi or shuttle pull up ready to escort them to the hotel after a tiring flight.

If this isn’t a possibility, at least research the best way to get from the airport to the hotel (hotel shuttle? Group van?) and let your guests know about it.

If your guests are staying in one place and the wedding is in another, consider the economical and eco-friendly option of providing a shuttle bus or van from the hotel to the wedding location. This will allow some guests to skip the car rental, which they will appreciate, and will ensure that all the guests arrive on time.

It also lets your guests cut loose and party without worrying about designated drivers. It’s one of those considerate little touches that all your guests will appreciate.

Finally, the most important way to show your guests you appreciate them is simple: show up at their weddings. Being involved in a friends wedding, whether by providing your expert advice on quality engagement rings, going dress shopping, or just showing up for moral support, is the best way to show her you care.

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