Water Activities in New Zealand - Whale fin

Whale watching on a tour in Kaikoura is perhaps one of the most exhilarating water activities in New Zealand. Vacationers have the ability to actually closely view a variety of different species of whales. There are a total of 7 whale species that commonly visit the area, with a few popular species that include the humpback and the sperm whale.

Just imagine the excitement your family will feel as you get close to a giant sperm whale. These amazing creatures of the deep get as big as 4 elephants. Some of the other species that can be spotted in the waters around Kaikoura include the Pygmy Sperm, Beaked, Blue, Southern Right and Minke whales.

When enjoying special time with your family, a dream vacation to this spectacular area would not be complete without taking part in many of the thrilling water activities in New Zealand. No matter what sparks the interest of your family, everyone is sure to find the perfect activity to get their blood to pumping and their adrenaline flowing. Check out some of the ideas below to begin planning your day’s adventures.

  • Board Sailing or Wind Surfing – Lakes and harbours are the perfect spots to catch a glimpse of avid windsurfers. For the vacationer that would like to try their hand at windsurfing, the waves can be taken on by hiring windsurfers at various tourist locations.
  • Sailing or Yachting – These are water activities in New Zealand that continue to be a favourite among the young and the young at heart. The sailing opportunities that await vacationers are plenty. A yacht that is chartered to sail Marlborough Sounds or the Bay of Islands is a special treat with marvellous views. Another popular option is being a part of the crew of an old Tall Ship and traveling through the Hauraki Gulf of Auckland.
  • Trout Fishing – The size and amount of trout that are frequently found by vacationers who charter boats from fly fishing guides are not even comparable to the likes of those found in other areas.
  • Whale Watching – Take a cruise on the boats in Kaikoura and spot some of the fabulous whales up close.
  • Kayaking – Kayaking tours represent another exciting activity in New Zealand that will leave you absolutely speechless at the beauty of the astounding rock carvings. There are so many eye catching sights to see on these tours that most visitors prefer to opt for the overnight ones.
  • Parasailing – There is nothing like the exhilaration that is felt while being pulled behind a boat in an attached parachute.

Author bio: Jessica frequently blogs about New Zealand activities and travel accommodation in Kaikoura. She writes for Whale Watch Kaikoura, a whale watching company in Kaikoura where you can take a cruise out to spot the whales, a beautiful South Island attraction.