Warwick Castle – The Perfect English Castle

The breathtakingly elegant and magnificent Warwick Castle is one thing you should never miss when exploring the English town of Warwick. Let fun and excitement fill the air since you’ll be bombarded with a whole lot of great things! Be amazed as you stroll inside the castle that is inhabited by eerily lifelike wax figures by Madame Tussauds – or bask with glory in its perfectly manicured gardens.

You can also take a trip through the castle’s armour displays, grand interiors, ghost tower, mill house and most especially, its creepy dungeon complete with a torture chamber!

Warwick Castle

History of Warwick Castle

The Warwick Castle ranks amongst the most famous and daunting castles in the whole world. Its turbulent history even adds to the castle’s mysteriously magnificent aura. This massive stone fortress was constructed as a Wooden Motte and Bailey Castle by William the Conqueror.

It was able to survive siege warfare to the Age of Medieval Knights and Chivalry and the English Civil War. One of the castle’s main features is its access to the River Avon. During the enlargement of the Warwick Castle, equipment and building materials were transported by boats to the castle site.

The two main round towers of The Warwick Castle were built at the front of the Castle. The Chapel, as well as a large hall, were also built against the south wall. Various additions were then made as time passed by – The Guys Tower and Caesar’s Tower were added at the end of the 14th century.

Warwick Castle Attractions

Medieval England is definitely brought back to life at The Warwick Castle! Also, sights and activities available in the area are all aimed at making your trip as memorable as possible. Here are some of the things you’ll look forward to when visiting this precious English jewel:


Warwick Castle’s group of dungeons have been a firm favourite of tourists (especially the gore seekers!) who visit the castle. Once inside, you will be greeted by decaying bodies! There is no way you won’t feel any chills from knowing the terrible torture and cruel captivity these dungeons once saw. Also, worth trying out is its ‘labyrinth of lost souls’, which is a scary mirror maze. Visiting The Dungeons truly makes a whole different experience!

Dream of Battle

Watch The Dream of Battle and experience one of the Castle’s greatest and most interesting conflicts through the eyes of a 12-year old squire preparing for battle! It is a film that puts you in the mind of the young squire the night before the gruelling battle of Barnet. With a powerful mix of visual and audio effects, Dream of Battle will definitely take you through the deepest darkest corners of the keep.

Grounds and Gardens

Warwick Castle’s Grounds and Gardens (including The Victorian Rose Garden and The Peacock Garden) are truly a magnificent part of the whole experience! With more than 60 acres to explore, Warwick Castle will definitely keep you busy! You can explore the gardens on the ground or how about marvelling at their beauty from the castle’s ramparts? Either way, you’ll definitely be awed about their beauty.


This liveshow is entertainingly fun as well as informative! You can join the famous Kingmaker and Earl of Warwick – Richard Neville as gets his household prepared for the confrontation of Edward IV at the Barnet battle in the year 1471.

Great Hall

Be amazed by Warwick Castle’s Great Hall as well as its lavishly decorated State Rooms! Impressive coats of arms and bountiful rich treasures line the Great Hall. Also, it features a superb collection of armour and armoury unlike any other.

Where to Stay near Warwick Castle

It is crucial to plan your break when visiting the world-renowned Warwick Castle. With so many fun activities all waiting to happen, it is a very relaxing thought to know you have the best place to stay!

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Warwick hotels

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