Volunteering vacations are a wonderful and rewarding way to spend some time away from home. There are countless opportunities all over the world for anyone interested in helping others. Often, vacationers feel even more refreshed after returning home after lending aid than from a traditional vacation.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity

Image by Barbara Wojcik

For those traveling within the country, you can help build a home for someone deserving, which can change the life of a family forever. Habitat for Humanity has been in operation since 1976 and has helped provide 400,000 homes that otherwise would not have been possible.

They operate in the United States in practically every city or town imaginable. Home recipients and volunteers construct the homes, from laying the foundation all the way through painting and putting up the fences.

Big Cat Rescue

Cheetah Conservation Fund

Image by Jasiri Fleckenfell

Exotic felines are often in the way of danger. Between poaching and people who try to keep them as pets, their numbers are dwindling. There are several organizations serving these majestic cats. Some are specialized by breed and others serve multiple species.

Most of the volunteer work takes place in a sanctuary; however, there are field jobs as well. One in particular is The Cheetah Conservation Fund, and they need people traveling to Kenya to monitor and track leopards and cheetahs.

Build a School

Volunteer on Vacation and building a school


It is hard to imagine that entire communities go without things that Americans take as mandatory. Schools simply do not exist for many children. This is perfect for many people traveling abroad. There are many countries for this mission and jobs for all skill levels.

Providing a school is so much more than putting up a building, it is giving them opportunity. Education not only helps strengthen the minds of the children, but the all over health of the community.

Archeology and Restoration Projects

Archeology and Restoration Projects

Image by Wessex Archaeology

For those with an interest in archeological digs, there are projects to pursue this while helping. This is another category that offers assignments of varying lengths of time and locations. By participating in these projects, volunteers will help uncover clues to the past. All levels of ability, from the hobbyist to the expert can enjoy this extremely exciting venture.

Helping Autistic Children

Helping Autistic Children

Image by familymwr

For those with a passion for helping children, there is a global need to assist autistic children. Coordinating activities to help these children learn is usually the primary function of these missions. This special time will leave a lasting impression and help these special needs children to succeed.

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