Visit the Best Roller Coasters in the World

You slowly crawl to the top, the clang of the track rings in your head, and every beat takes you closer to the top. You can see nothing but sky, and then your car rounds the precipice, and you throw your hands in the air (if you dare).

As your stomach and lungs threaten to escape from your screaming mouth, you plummet toward the ground, making a U-turn at the last moment. A few more loops and some corkscrews, and you lurch back into the station. This was not a nightmare train trip; it was the roller coaster ride of your life.

Breathless, you step out of the car, grinning from ear to ear. If you’re looking for more, check out the best roller coasters in the world, listed below.

Best Roller Coasters in the World - Thunder Dolphin, LaQua Amusement Park, Japan

Thunder Dolphin, LaQua Amusement Park, Japan

(Pictured at left) Part of the allure of the fifth largest continuous circuit roller coaster in the world is that it sits right in the middle of bustling Tokyo.It winds across streets, into a building, and through the center of a Ferris wheel.

Steel Dragon 2000, Nagashima Spa Land, Japan

This undulating monster holds the record for the longest roller coaster track. It looks like a steel mesh skyscraper and feels like the ride of your life. During the three-minute ride, the cars cover more than a mile and a half of track.

Kingda Ka, Great Adventure & Wild Safari, New JerseyKingda Ka, Great Adventure & Wild Safari, New Jersey

The Kingda Ka (pictured at left) is the tallest roller coaster in the world. The hydraulic launch rockets you straight up a 456-foot-tall vertical tower toward the sky, then straight down a corkscrew spiral.

The ride is less than a minute long, but it’s probably because it’s the fastest roller coaster in North America. It has just as many—or more—action-packed thrills as other coasters, and it jets through them in record time.

Millennium Force, Cedar Point, Ohio
The colour of this royal blue roller coaster complements the sky above it and the waters of Lake Erie below it. It opened in 2000 breaking 10 world records with its height and sheer drops.

Although it’s no longer the tallest roller coaster, its two-minute ride whirls you through the air at breakneck speeds.

Bizarro, Six Flags New England

This isn’t just an experience for your body; it’s a thrill for all of your senses. It’s like watching an IMAX movie, being at a concert, and flying all at once. The headrest has a built-in audio system that enhances the ride’s intensity while the special effects, such as fog tunnels and pyrotechnics, makes you feel like you’re in a Vegas show.

Balder, Liseberg Amusement Park, SwedenBalder, Liseberg Amusement Park, Sweden

It may not be the biggest or tallest roller coaster, but it’s an impressive coil of wooden track and stomach-turning hills. This world’s best wooden coaster provides a surprisingly smooth ride. But hopefully it’s not so nerve-wracking that it will make your hair fall out, as the name suggests.

Behemoth, Wonderland, Canada

Behemoth, Wonderland, Canada (shown at left)

Before we even broach the subject of speed and height, let’s talk about the set-up.

The open-air seating makes riders feel like it’s just them and the sky; they have an unobstructed view of everything around them as they careen over the humps and around the curves.

Why do we subject ourselves to hair-raising twists, turns, and free falls for the sake of entertainment? It might be the threat of danger or the feeling of freedom. The more intense the ride, the more likely you’ll be to enjoy and remember it.

No matter how far across the globe your travels take you, riding these roller coasters is an experience you’re not likely to forget.

 Photo Credits: Thunder Dolphin, Tokyo http-//; Kingda Ka, New Jersey by Adam Ahmed; Balder at Liseberg by Tomislav Medak; aerial rendering of Behemoth, Wonderland, Canada

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