South America is a diverse continent, with lots interesting and beautiful countries. If you want to make it there sometime in your life, I encourage you to go to the country of Argentina. There has never been a better time to visit than now. Vacation packages are very inexpensive.

It won’t cost you a fortune, and it may be one of the best vacations you go on. A good idea is go to the capitol of Buenos Aires, which is centrally located, and from there, take day or weekend excursions to other parts of the country. There is no shortage of beauty, history and entertainment. Here are reasons why you should visit Argentina now.

The People

Why you should visit Argentina - Argentinean-people

Argentinean – Image by imagenbruja

Argentinian people are very vibrant characters. They are known for their friendly and fun nature. As a tourist, you won’t be met with hostility, rather you’ll feel welcomed. They love to have a good time, and they’re certainly interesting folk.

Currently, you might see a lot of fashion reminiscent of America in the 1980’s, mullets included. And, the women are absolutely gorgeous. You’re certain to enjoy interacting with the locals, and they’ll make your trip even more memorable.

Also, it’s a safe destination with very low street crime, especially compared to other South American countries that can be very dangerous.

The Wine

Why You Should Visit Argentina - Great Wine

Wine – Image by argentina-wine

Argentina is one of the premier destinations for wine lovers. Argentina produces a great variety of high quality wines. One place you should visit is the northern-central city of Mendoza. It is the region with the most wine production in all of Latin America, and one of the Great Capitals of Wine around the world.

Take tours of the vineyards or indulge in as many wine tastings as you can handle. Nowhere will you find such high quality wine at such an inexpensive price as straight from the source.

Mendoza also houses several great museums, and you can enjoy activities such as horseback riding and hiking.

The Beef


Cattle – Image by kbrinner

People in Argentina consume more beef than almost anywhere in the world. Cattle is a major business in the country. Many cows are grass-fed on big, lush pastures, and the resulting beef is of notoriously high quality. Because the livestock is local, amazingly delicious steaks cost a fraction of the price they would elsewhere.

If you’re a steak lover, you’ll be in heaven in Argentina. And with all those cows comes quite a lot of leather. Leather goods are also extremely inexpensive in Argentina, and they are also made with very high quality construction. While you’re visiting, don’t forget to engage in some local commerce and bring home some great leather goods.

The Land


La Garganta del Diablo “The Devil’s Throat”

Argentina is an extremely beautiful country, with lots of great natural landscapes to enjoy. One of the most popular destinations is Iguazú Falls in the north of Argentina. There are hundreds of cascading waterfalls, including one of the largest in the world, La Garganta del Diablo (“The Devil’s Throat”). You can even take a boat tour underneath the falls.

Another great region is Patagonia in the south. Truly you could take an entire vacation there. It is essentially a vast, untouched wilderness, with some of the most impressive countryside you’ll ever see. From mountains to lakes to plains, there is much to explore, and lots of great outdoor activities, tours, and local crafts.