The United States is renowned for being a great place to try unusual things to do, and New York City is no different, indeed with it being one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations it seems to be brimming with unusual things to do.  Here’s five of the top unusual things to do in New york, the iconic city of United States.

1) Try Shooting and Drinking in Manhattan

This is a fun half day tour based right in the centre of Manhattan enjoying a combination of the power of guns and the glorious taste or whiskey (maybe that should also be the power of whisky!).

The shooting is done in a great Manhattan shooting range, and you will be pleased to know that the activities are done in the correct sequence – shoot first and then drink!

Things to do in New York

2) New York Jet Ski Tours

The New York City skyline is iconic, with its huge number of towers reaching for the sky, so what better way to witness New York, the sky scrapers and the Statue of Liberty than from the water on a jet ski tour around Manhattan.

Combine the high adrenaline fun of a jet ski (better known as a waverunner or PWC in the USA!) ride with great views!

Unusual Things to do in New York - Ski

3) Get an Insider’s view of the Big Apple

Big Apple Greeters are a voluntary bunch of New York fanatics who love to show visitors the Big Apple, which they are so proud to call home.  Join them, get off the beaten track and let them show you New York from an insider’s point of view.

Unusual Things to do in New York

4) NYC Photography Tours

Several tour operator offer great photography based tours of Manhattan, a city which is prominent in more than a few great movies, and cries out to be photographed professionally!

A great advantage of these tours is, as well as visiting the major sights of New York and picking up photography tips along the way, you have a photographer on hand to ensure you appear in as many of your NYC photos as you wish!

NYC Photography Tours

5) Take a bus trip into New York

Not a very unusual sounding activity this one, until you realise that this particular bus trip to New York City departs from that other iconic city, London in the UK, and takes 95 days to get to New York crossing 16 countries and 3 continents on route – now that’s a pretty unusual method of arriving in the city that never sleeps!

 Take a bus trip into New York

New York is a great place to visit and this selection of unusual things to do in New York just scratches the surface, more details on all of these activities, and many the full range of things to do in New York can be found on