You’ve seen the Statue of Liberty, you’ve climbed to the very top of  The Empire State Building and you have even exhausted everything there is to do in Central Park, now you want something new and a little out of the ordinary right? If so then you are in luck as we explore some of the most unusual things to do in New York.

The Museum of Television and Radio (25 West 52nd Street, New York)

Unusual Attractions in New York

Image by haNNabanana

Just when you thought you had been to all the interesting museums in New York, I go ahead and give you one you’ve probably never even heard of. This museum doesn’t really attract a lot of tourism despite it being such an interesting place.

Near enough everyone loves to watch T.V or listen to the radio and it is here where you can sift through thousands of old radio shows, documentaries, dramas and even sitcoms. You’ll also learn all about the history of television and radio which has had what could possibly be a bigger impact on society than anything else ever!

Odessa Restaurant (1113 Brighton Beach Avenue, Brooklyn)

Unusual Attractions in New York

Image by s.j.pettersson

No ordinary restaurant, think of Odessa Restaurant as the Moulin Rouge of New York. Talented and smoking hot dancers entertaining you as you dine in beautiful Russian food and drink. The crowd is usually lively as the live band plays some of Russia’s finest upbeat music.

Watson Adventures Scavenger Hunts (All over)

Unusual Attractions in New York

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Not exactly a New York attraction, more of a fun and interesting way to see of all of New York’s landmarks and neighbourhoods and just had to be mentioned!  The name is pretty much self explanatory as you’ll be working in teams to hunt down notable locations and objects.

It’s fun, it’s fast paced and it gets you interacting with other people and making friends. I definitely recommend it to pretty much anyone who visits New York.

African Burial Ground in New York City (290 Broadway at Duane St)

Unusual Attractions in New York

Image by Penny Kaplan

A site filled with flowers and grass with over 419 men, women and even children buried underneath. There are large information points around it which tell you all about the burial ground. Adjacent to the memorial ground is a building with artwork which pays respect to the African slaves that were buried here in the 1700’s.

It’s definitely a place worth checking out if you’re a history buff looking for something a little different.

Castle Clinton (Battery Park)

Unusual Attractions in New York

Image by Anne Raker

What was once the very first immigration station in the U.S where around 8,000,000 people first arrived to the United States in 1855 with dreams of becoming rich, is now a monument open to the public in Battery Park.

It’s another muse-see for anyone interested in history to educate themselves on North America’s early history.

Firefighters 9/11 Memorial (Liberty Street and Greenwich Street)

Unusual Attractions in New York

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After the truly horrific events of 9/11, it is pretty much imperative that you visit this memorial site whilst you’re in the big apple. It’s basically a memorial site made of seven thousand pounds of bronze and details the name and rank of every brave fireman that died on that dreadful day. It can be found on the side of Ten House and I urge you to prepare yourself as it is a moving experience.

Ghosts of New York tour (All around)

Unusual Attractions in New York
A very spooky way of seeing New York! Apparently New York is the most haunted place in America and this 90 minute tour will take you through some of New York’s most renowned neighbourhoods for ghost sightings! Of course if you’re open minded then you’ll absolutely love this tour, but beware as it can be a little frightening at times.

Ninja New York (25 Hudson Street)

Unusual Attractions in New York

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Jump back in time to 18th century feudal Japan by dining a ninja castle themed restaurant! You’ll be seated somewhere in a maze of rooms and then be served by Japanese ninjas that are not just carrying your food, but swords also! It truly is an exciting experience and if you have kids then they’ll absolutely love it.

Melvin Gulter the author of the “Eight unusual attractions in New York” writes for the free New York 101 travel guide. Melvin has lived and worked in New York city since 1982, and considers it one of his favourite city break destinations.