Unique and Ubiquitous

Ways to Save on Holidays - Country HouseThis is a handful of ways that a lot of people are currently using to get around and see the world as it really is for much less than the average holiday maker.

The bottom line is: for more preferred prices it is advisable to consider more practical pastimes, or another way to look at it is the age old phrase “you get something for something” (this is the positive spin version but you’ll soon get the point!)

Here are alternative options for travel, and always remember to bag your holiday insurance assurance, which can help to make the following options all the more feasible.

Save on Holidays with Couch Comforts

No surprise here I’m sure but couch surfing is becoming more popular every year.  There are an astounding amount of people who are willing to share a room in their home environments so that another may enjoy the benefits of visiting a new country.

With over eight million users of the site couch surfing.com it is no surprise that almost every culture and creed is catered for.  This creative consideration is now turning into more of a collective, where members meet up, share ideas, and share skills to support each other when it comes to travel, trust, and sanctum.

Save on Holidays with House Handovers

I suppose what goes around comes around with this one, which is an easy statement to ‘say’ until the question is asked: “could you lend me your house?”  This is one of the growing ‘Marmite questions of today that an increasing many have answered with a resounding “yes!”

This group of friendly fold are global, and it is easy to join in on the accommodation abundance by registering yours with either of the leading websites’ House Sit World.com, House Carers.com, Caretaker.org, Mind My House.com, or quite a few other websites and groups that all participate in the promotion of having someone stay round while internationally bound.

Some are only interested in exchange, which can be a bit more niche, though a bit more secure with the proven collateral.  The rest are very interesting in ensuring that their house keeps as a home by allowing another trusted person to rome.

Save on Holidays by Teaching

Websites and networks like ‘More Than English.com’ support the adventure that adds a glint a silver lining upon the black cloud of historical colonialism.  Still today many individuals travel to international countries with that fear in the back of mind for not being able to communicate with anyone in their local language.

Well some smart locals have capitalised on the locals their peers need to speak your language, and hence the site was born.  China Home Stay.org is another large portal that offers similar opportunities to a person willing to share their knowledge of the English language.

The Home Stay System has been adopted by many local families in China, who are interested in providing a place for English speaking folk who are passionate enough to teach, and benevolent enough to take time sharing the renowned language.

Twin Peaks

They say that everyone has a twin in another part of the world, and this site has managed to magnify that term into ‘every city having a twin city’.  Sister Cities.org started out by partnering up American states back in 2005.

The partnering up was so successful that it is now an international network and global family of individuals, who have a collective understanding to look out for and after each other as they themselves would love to be treated.

This includes the offer of accommodation, and help with food, etc if a member comes to visit, as each individual advocates the respect and love to return the favour if ever need be.

Each One Teach One

These are not your traditional run of the mill endeavours of getting about and seeing the world but they are by far some of the most interesting and interactive ways. The connection that unifies all of these organisations is trust, while half of the world is living in fear, the other half seem to be simply getting on with it, and helping each other to live better lives.

Sharing in the culture is often the best part of the holiday, You can also save on holidays by taking part in the community and contribute towards making an extraordinary unique experience that is remembered for a lifetime.