Unexplored Thailand

Image by Andreas-photography

Situated in the centre of Southeast Asia, Thailand is a wondrous, exotic collection of islands full of beautiful temples, exotic wildlife, jungles, and beaches, unique culture, delectable spicy food and smiles wherever you go.

Thailand holidays are intoxicating and inviting: some who visit Thailand end up becoming residents, fully enraptured by its spirit and ever welcoming smile.

Even in the heart of the bustling jolt of the ever growing capital city, Bangkok, the heart and contrast of the Thai people is on display. More of a small-town mentality, this chaotic metropolis welcomes you with warm faces and a never-ending sense of sà·nùk (the Thai word for ‘fun).

The culture expects friendliness and manages to return it enthusiastically even in the midst of non-stop diesel exhaust and busy colourful streets full of unabashed consumerism and contrasts. Equally hedonistic and purifying, the city is a strange confluence of human desires and hopeful aspirations.

Outside the big city there is a whole other world of beauty, tranquillity, spiritual openness, ancient and beautiful traditions and cultures just waiting to be discovered.

Northern Thailand has still been vastly underexplored and offers many unspoilt corners for the more curious tourist who wishes to see Thailand as it once was, with its mountainous landscapes, parks, lakeside houses and opportunities for boating, trekking, and exploring.

A spiritual oasis no matter what your beliefs may be Northern Thailand’s peaceful serenity is something not to be missed. Northern Thailand is home to lesser visited temples and picturesque villages. Beautiful mountainous parks offer easy trails to some of the highest peaks in Thailand offering dramatic views from the top.

If you’re looking for a uniquely Thai experience, the Lakeside lifestyle of the city of Phayao is a true treasure that even some Thais have yet to explore: streets lined with trees, and antique wooden houses make this an ideal place for those who wish to escape the metropolis of Bangkok and see the true Thailand.

There is no effort made here to cater to Western visitors. The city is set around Kwan Phayao, a stunning, mystical swamp framed by low lying mountains that leaves many people breathless by it’s beauty and sense of presence.

Kwan Phayao regularly features some of the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises in all of Thailand. A gondola ride across the purple shadowed waters is one of the best ways to see the lake, and its beautiful pink water lilies.

Treks into the mountains also provide the opportunity to encounter some of the amazing tribes still living in the lush forests of Thailand. You also might get a chance to ride an elephant and see some of the extraordinary wildlife that finds its home in the jungle.

Thailand is remains a treasure, with many areas still waiting to be explored by those with more adventurous spirits. The best way to see Thailand is not to stay in the big city but to get out into the natural splendour, smaller cities, mountainous regions, and less seen ruins. Take a tour through the jungle, sink your toes into the white sands, and taste the tantalising spicy cuisine: this is Thailand.
This is a guest post by K Newey. She loves visiting natural unspoilt wonders and exploring lesser known places. Thailand holidays are highly recommended for the city lover in search of pampering and luxury to the adventurous and curious traveller just waiting to explore.