While the white beaches of the Caribbean and the bright lights of Paris may be the epitome of romance – there is nothing more romantic than taking your loved one to somewhere completely outside of the box. We have made a list of some of the world’s most romantic destinations that you have never heard of – for the ultimate loved-up getaway.

Lamu, Kenya

Most Romantic Destinations

If beauty and seclusion is what you dream of in your romantic escape, then make a trip to the isolated island of Lamu off of Kenya’s east-African coast. Although there are dozens of places where you will find pristine white sand and crystal clear waters lapping at your feet – there is something very special about Lamu.

It could be the laid-back and welcoming Swahili culture or perhaps it’s the unique arts and crafts and local architecture that will make you fall in love all over again.

Either way, Lamu is certainly one of the world’s most romantic destinations for couples who want something a little out of the ordinary.

Glover’s Atoll, Belize

Most Romantic Destinations

Many of you may have heard about the beauty of Belize, but within this tiny Central American country is a hidden paradise that is a haven for the hopelessly romantic couple. Imagine a lagoon surrounded entirely by a ring of UNESCO World Heritage coral reef where only a few dozen people can stay at one time.

Glover’s Atoll only has a dozen or so bungalows built around its small beach, which adds to its unique mysterious appeal. This untouched area is ideal for couples who simply want to get away from it all and be at one with nature. You’ll also enjoy sumptuous freshly-caught and prepared seafood while overlooking one of the most stunning parts of the world.

Hainan Island, China

Most Romantic Destinations

You may not have heard of Hainan Island, but the Chinese have been visiting this idyllic spot for several decades – and it’s no wonder they’ve kept it a secret.

Situated in the South China Sea – Hainan Island has many different corners that are waiting to be discovered. While the capital of Sanya will cure your shopping and entertainment needs, you don’t have to travel far before you’re surrounded by lush rainforests, spectacular beaches, hot springs and monkey sanctuaries.

Hainan Island is the perfect getaway destination for couples who want a bit of everything out of their trip.

Palawan, Philippines

Most Romantic Destinations

Eco-tourism is becoming an increasingly popular prerequisite for travellers these days, and Palawan in the Philippines will ensure your carbon footprint is kept to a minimum.

Palawan has been described as the last frontier of the Philippines – with unspoilt beaches, tropical jungles, unexplored dive sites and underwater caves in an abundance that you’ll struggle to find anywhere else in the world.

A nature-lovers paradise, Palawan may not be a place you’ve heard of but it’s certainly a place you need to visit. Although Palawan offers everything you need for a romantic holiday and more – it is surprisingly accessible with an international airport and a range of cheap hotels to choose from.

Rotorua Island

Most Romantic Destinations

You don’t need to travel far to find undiscovered romance. Just a hop skip and a jump across the Tasman Sea to New Zealand will bring you close to one of the newest undiscovered destinations for couples.

While you may have heard of the volcanically-active town of Rotorua outside of Auckland, Rotorua Island is opening in early-2011 to tourists after being closed for over 100 years. Situated in the Hauraki Gulf, Rotorua Island is being transformed into a heritage and conservation park that is bursting with history, arts and natural sites. What’s more – Rotorua Island is just a one hour trip from Auckland. So book a trip before everyone else catches on!

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