In today’s complicated world, it is even more difficult than ever to travel. High gas prices, reckless drivers, even increased security in the airports can make traveling that much more difficult for the average vacationer. 

Travel Cane regulations When you have to travel with your cane or other mobility aid, things can get even more complicated. If you are prepared, though, even the most troublesome experiences with airline security can be handled with ease.

First, when considering getting on a flight with your cane, it is best to consult the guidelines set forth by the TSA. With these BLANK simple tips, you can be aware of what will take place in the security checks, and plan accordingly.

1) All assistive devices, including travel canes, walkers, walking sticks and other devices, must be checked, scanned or otherwise passed through security. If it is possible, airport security will pass your device through the x-ray machine for a simple and easy check.

For these reasons, they ask that you fold up any folding canes or devices so that they can more easily pass through the machine.

If your aid won’t fit through the x-ray, it will need to be handled and inspected manually by the security personnel. Have no worries, they are trained and know how to handle the device, even if it has complicated moving parts or other elements.

All items that are hanging from or attached to your device, whether it is a wrist strap on your travel cane, or a basket attached to your roller/walker, will also need to be manually inspected.

2) You have the right to ask for assistance at any time while giving up your mobility devices.  No matter what the case may be, when they ask you to walk or otherwise pass through security without it, they do not expect you to continue on without any level of assistance.

You can ask for a hand, a shoulder, an arm to lean on, whatever you need. You can also ask for assistance with loading your travel mobility aid into the x-ray, and they will come to help you.

3) Prosthetics have a whole other set of rules. Under no circumstances are you required to detach prosthetic limbs or other equipment, but you must be aware that security will be physically touching and laying hands on your prosthetics in order to clear them through security.

Under no circumstances are you required to offer your prosthetics for inspection, but must be aware that you are subject to the whims of security, and should be prepared to be pulled aside and inspected physically.

4) Airlines may have different rules once you pass security. In some cases, your mobility aids may need to be checked as baggage (usually they are reasonable about this, though) and, for example, the airline may provide you with a replacement until your travel cane is returned to you.

Have no worries, they are usually adjustable-height canes, so you will be able to extend it to suit your needs.

Travel Cane dos and donts

No matter what, just remember that the security checks are for all of our protection. And if you have more questions, consult the TSA and the airlines personally before travelling.

It is also advisable to have a sturdy piece that is reserved specifically for travel, your own personal travel walking stick, so that you are always prepared.

If you have one, you will become familiar with the procedure of folding it up, placing it on the x-ray machine, making it through the body scanners and having it returned to you. Also, if you know your travel cane has passed security before, you can be almost certain that it will again.

And finally, it is most important to remember that you must comply with the security personnel. Otherwise your vacation can be cut very short!! Happy travels!

About the Author

Mike the author of the article “Travel Cane: Security Regulations for hassle free holiday” knows how important a travel cane is for those with limited movement as he is recovering from a motorcycle accident.

For those of you that have some sort of medical issue you need to think of electronic helpers, devices or even simple wooden walking canes. Inform yourself so you would not be placed in an unwanted situation.