Female Travellers

People travel to places everyday. Both men and women are drawn to travelling since travelling is a great way to see the world. However, it can’t be denied that women need to look out for their safety more than men. Even statistical studies show that women are more susceptible to dangerous situations than men are.

For this reason, here are a few tips for all the women who are now choosing to travel solo more than ever before.

Female Safe Travel Check-list

  • AVOID deserted streets after dark. If you have to pass along one, then make sure that you have a small, heavy flash light in hand. You still have to be careful on dark streets even if you have a companion.
  • STAY in well-populated and well-lit places instead. You should not take short cuts down alleyways.
  • You have to LEAVE your jewellery and other ostentatious valuables at home. Travelling with expensive or heirloom objects will only make you a hot target for pickpockets.
  • NEVER discuss any of your travel plans in detail with people you meet along the way.
  • FOLLOW your instincts and BE AWARE of the people around you all the time. Once something does not feel right, you should trust yourself.
  • CARRY a lightweight scarf with you. Bringing a scarf with you is a great and inconspicuous way for keeping your stuff close to you. You can tie it around your purse strap and loop it through a belt loop in your clothing.
  • ASK the locals about the safety of the place. Ask them which areas and places to avoid and which ones become dangerous after dark.
  • You should be EXTRA CAREFUL during night-time. Avoid going anywhere without a group of people. Make sure also that you have a plan to get home safely if you will be returning late.
  • AVOID wearing extremely revealing and sexy clothes. When going to places at night, it is better that you have a sweater or coat to cover you up on your way back to your hotel. Be reminded that the more vulnerable you look makes you the more vulnerable prey.
  • DO wear your purse across your body instead of leaving it dangling from your shoulder. Or better yet, how about leaving the purse at home and find another way to carry the things you really need.
  • You should CALL home (at predetermined intervals) so that family members or friends know where you are and that you are OK. Through this, they can also call the necessary authorities if you don’t call on the appointed day.

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