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Safety is an on-going concern for most of us; particularly when on holiday, after all were taking with us our worldly possessions, passport and more cash than we would usually carry and let’s not forget were in a different environment as well. While both men and women can become victims of crime etc. women do generally tend to be more vulnerable than men.

The items listed below are items which should help to set your mind at rest, releasing you to enjoy your holiday – without worry.

Personal Alarm

Carrying a personal alarm means you can produce a loud sound, which in the event you need attention will alert people within audible distance, consider also that it would act as a deterrent should you activate it.

Mobile Phone

A mobile phone can help keep you safe in some situations, for example if you were walking through a street at night and didn’t feel safe – making a call or pretending to be on a phone would act as a deterrent, just make sure it’s a handset not worth stealing! An iPhone might do more harm than good.

Anti-theft baggage

Wallets and purses are popular targets for criminals; pickpockets can steal a wallet by simply cutting through the strap of a hand bag. Rucksacks are much easier again for a criminal to steal from – a small incision and your worldly possessions fall out, anti-theft baggage tends to be made of a different material and wire straps meaning it is not as susceptible to theft.

Money Belts

Money belts help to storing important documents, credit cards and cash in a specially constructed belt that wraps around your stomach keeping the important stuff safe and out of view. Wearing tight clothing might make the belt slightly visible so it might be worth looking at a ‘bra snatch’, these ingenious inventions connect comfortably to a ladies bra and conceal your important items.

Door Stop Alarm

At night and especially if travelling alone, you might experience an increase in the feeling of vulnerability, after all it’s dark and with less noise around your senses are heightened. This is especially likely if located in a public space or insecure accommodation. A door stop alarm slides under the door on inner of your accommodations room. The wedge has an audible alarm, which will hopefully alert other guests should it be activated, and the door stop will secure the door further.

Don’t underestimate investing into safety items, just because you have not had problems in the past doesn’t mean you are going to be safe while travelling. Many of these items are ones which can just as easily be implemented for men (except the snatch bra) and would no doubt help improve personal safety of any traveller, my personal experience always reminds me to keep important items ‘out of sight and out of mind’, reduce the risk wherever you can and enjoy your holiday rather than worrying.

About the author

Isaac Bullen the author of the “Travel accessories to keep you safe abroad” is a travel blogger fromĀ London.