Beach  Caribbean Holiday

The Caribbean islands are destination number one for a carefree holiday and fun in the sun. When its time to kick back and let yourself go, the Caribbean has everything you need for the ultimate in water sports, rain forest exploration and vibrant pubs that come to life at night. Some of the best Caribbean experiences are free or come neatly packaged with a generous all inclusive island package deal.

Get more and pay less for the best beach holiday money can buy. Once you have a taste of the Caribbean way of life, you will be hungry for more. This timeless slice of paradise is all things to all people and ready to dish up a holiday any way you like it.

Caribbean Holiday

Most of the Caribbean hot spots are strung along the beach with day and evening activities jamming from the crack of dawn. Pick your pleasure from beach front recreation to offshore adventure geared for all ages and fitness levels. More sun seekers travel to the Caribbean for beach holidays than anywhere else on earth, and here’s just a few of the reasons why:

* Horse riding along the sandy shores at sunset.

* Catamaran rentals for a wet and wild ride across the crystal clean waters.

* Para-sailing for a panoramic view of your stunning surroundings.

* Glass bottom boating for a high and dry encounter with the friendly fishes.

* Snorkeling among some of the most colorful coral reefs on the planet. Just remember to double up on the sunblock as you can get a nasty sunburn through shallow water.

* Take a Caribbean cooking class to dazzle your fiends with neat to eat treats. Caribbean cuisine is healthy, filling, and makes a fabulous presentation on your table.

* Scuba dive in decadent waters filled with a rainbow of marine life, sunken wrecks, mystery and suspense. First-time divers may get licensed with a PADI certificate and get busy on a Caribbean diving adventure.

* Hike and bike your way through friendly villages and scenic trails from the turquoise water’s edge into the action-packed jungles.

* Ride the famous Jamaican bobsleds through a tropical forest with panoramic sea view. Made of solid wood and ready to rock and roll, hit the fast track on this signature attraction found only at Jamaica’s Mystic Mountain.

* Hook up for a high-flying swing on the Caribbean zip lines. From platform to platform you’ll fly over rivers, scented foliage, and come eye to eye with a few jungle parrots. The zip lines are safe, sane and children are welcome for one wild ride to remember.

* Deep sea diving is an excellent full or half-day excursion on a private or semi-private vessel. Reel in the big with marlin, wahoo, barracuda and more. Experienced or a novice, anglers all-aboard for some of the best deep sea fishing in the world.

* Beach volleyball is great fun anywhere, but it’s bigger and better when you are in the Caribbean.

* Caribbean bird sanctuaries are home to a wide variety of unique species you may observe up-close and personal. Some of the bird sanctuaries allow guests to feed the critters by hand, so expect to be engaged and entertained whilst learning from the experts.

* Windsurfing has emerged as one of the most popular water sports for the quick study time it takes to handle the board. First-time windsurfers may need a 30 minute orientation class, then its off on your own to explore from your private perch.

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Juan the author of the “Top things to do on a Caribbean holiday” is a travel blogger from┬áJamaica.