If you’re heading to Europe as a single traveler, you’ll want to avoid some of the places most famous for being romantic like Paris, Venice, and Prague.

Whether you’re looking for some independent fun, a European fling, or just stories to entertain your blind dates with when you get back, these off-the-beaten-trail European cities are the best destinations for single travelers in Europe.

Best Destinations in Europe for Singles - Barcelona, Passeig de Gracias


1. Ibiza/Barcelona: Ibiza is an island off the eastern coast of Spain, and is what Las Vegas would be if Las Vegas was an island and only had nightclubs. If you had a significant other, it’s exactly the kind of place he or she would forbid you from going.

Those who aren’t up for Ibiza should check out nearby Barcelona, famous for its off-beat culture, great food, and fantastic weather. And with cheap flights to many other European cities, Barcelona makes an excellent first stop for any singles European tour.

Best Destinations in Europe for Singles - Stelvio Pass, Italy

Stelvio Pass, Italy

2. Naples: Naples is Rome’s wilder and decidedly less romantic cousin. You won’t be inundated with honeymooners here. Part of Naples considerable history includes being the birthplace of pizza, so this is your chance to get some of the best pizza on Earth without having to compromise with someone else on toppings. Plus, you might make friends with a cute Italian!

Best Destinations in Europe for Singles - Greece Santorini

Santorini, Image by Ping Zou

3. Athens: Ruins, beaches, great food, a beautiful population… what’s not to love about Greece?

Best Destinations in Europe for Singles - Stockholm City Theatre

Stockholm City Theatre

4. Stockholm: Scandinavia enjoys a culture that is very unique from that of the rest of Europe. Between saunas and skiing, there’s a lot to enjoy in this northern city. Plus, in the summer, Sweden has ridiculously long sunsets, leading to great nightlife. And in the winter, Sweden has ridiculously early sunsets, also leading to great nightlife. It’s a win-win.

Best Destinations in Europe for Singles - Berlin Hostel

Berlin Hostel, Image by citystay-hostel

5. Berlin: Despite Germany’s troubles in the last century, Berlin has become one of Europe’s best cultural cities. There is a ton to see and do here, and the nightlife is stellar. Plus, Germany remains one of the most successful nations, so this might just be the place to snag a driven new guy or girl.

Sydney the author of the “Top 5 destinations in Europe for singles” has recently come back to Australia after a long trip around Europe.