London is a huge city with a population of well over 10 million people. As well as working, all these people have lives where they love to go out and explore the city.

Although the recession has slowed down the amounts of money we are spending on the high street, one thing is for certain. We are still a nation full of shoppers and we all love a bargain.

Shopping in London is some of the best in the world, with a huge array of different shops and retailers offering all kinds of products from budget essentials to outrageous luxury items.

London really does have it all, so whether you’re on the prowl for an evening dress, out to buy a couple of new video games, or on the hunt for a diamond ring for a loved one, there is surely something in London.

Here are the top 3 areas in London you can visit for shopping.

Top Shopping Areas in London - Westfield shopping centre

Westfield – Image by Alidada

3. Westfield – This is the latest super mall to grace London with a huge range of shops and services. You can find takeaways, furniture stores, restaurants and even health spas in these 2 incredible shopping centres. The first Westfield is located in West London in White City. This part of London has undergone a huge regeneration project and Westfield is at the centre. It is the largest shopping centre in Europe too so you’re bound to find something that interests you.

A subsequent mall in Stratford (east end) has opening bringing the shopping experience to a new part of London

The top Shopping Areas in London - Oxford Circus

Oxford Circus – Image by franks_imaginings

2. Oxford Circus – This is the hub of central west end shopping, and here you’ll find some of the biggest international brands and stores. Many of the big retailers have their flagship stores here, so you’ll find a huge selection of products to get your hands on.

The area is full of atmosphere and visiting at Christmas is a must for all the lights.

The sales here are often manic too so hardcore bargain hunters are usually lurking for the best deals.

Shopping Areas in London - Covent garden

Covent Garden – Image by stmoritz1960

1. Covent Garden – This part of London is a real tourist hotspot and its easy to see why once you get there. The atmosphere is great, especially on the weekends when there are street performers and musicians occupying most street corners.

The shops around here are really varied too, with a mix of branded stored and some more classy boutiques selling special beauty and clothing items.

The market in Covent Garden square is also well worth visiting for gift or souvenirs from your trip to London. Enjoy a great range of local restaurants  and takeaways too catering to all tastes.

Some trendy bars are also on call if you want to unwind in the evening after a long day’s shopping.

Steven Davis the author of the ” Top 3 shopping areas in London” works in a London shopping mall, specialising in travel gear and tools.