Best Tips for Women Travellers - Staying Safe

With 34 million trips taken last year, women are fast becoming a driving force in the travel industry. Whether your dream vacation is roaming museums in Paris or mountain biking in Serbia, follow a few travel tips to stay safe and enhance your own amazing adventure.

Before You Go
• Research your destination. Know its history, geography, culture, and sights. You don’t want to miss anything!
• Use your smart phone applications to find interesting local sights and special offers.
• Travel insurance is well worth the price; an unexpectedly cancelled trip can present a huge financial loss. Check to see if your health insurance will cover you abroad.
• Consult a travel clinic or your doctor to see what immunisations you need.
• Invest in an unlocked GSM cell phone for international use. Buy local prepaid SIM cards.

Check for Deals
• Scout out local deals offered at your destination. You can find bargains on spas, restaurants, and shopping.
• To pamper yourself with five star luxury at a bargain price, check out cities that have recently hosted a special event, such as the Olympics. They may have an excess of upscale hotel rooms to fill.

• The best overall packing advice is to pack light and only what you can carry alone. This deters thieves, makes check-ins faster, and public transportation easier to use.
• Leave valuables and expensive jewellery at home.
• Pack pieces that mix and match. Navy or black accessorised with a few splashes of colour works well.
• Comfortable shoes are a must. High heels are not created for a long day of sightseeing, and sore feet can ruin your vacation.
• No matter where you travel, dress more conservatively than you would at home. You’ll be less vulnerable to thieves and unwelcome advances.

Tips for women travelers hiking

Tips for women travellers hiking

When You Get There
• Check in with your consulate so your family can keep track of where you are.
• Choose a busy, centrally located hotel. There is safety in numbers, and you’ll meet fellow travellers more easily.
• Buy a local map and study it before you leave your hotel room. You’ll look less like a tourist if you know where you’re going.
• If you need to carry a purse, use one with a strap that crosses the body; it’s much harder to steal.
• Keep passport, credit card numbers, and small valuables hidden in a sock or bra, not in your wallet or luggage.

Stay Safe
• Trust your instincts!
• If you’re walking, be alert. Make note of your hotel name and location of landmarks on your route. Always try to project confidence.
• Before boarding a taxi, write down the taxi number or license plate. If you’re alone, try not to use a taxi at night.

Tips for women travellers in Serbia

Tips for women travellers in Serbia

Have Fun
• Above all, have fun! Ask around or search the web, and find the best restaurants, cafes, spas, local sights, and shopping.
• Haggle when you shop for souvenirs and you can come away with some amazing buys.
• Learn some basic phrases in the local language; you’ll find your way around better and make some interesting local friends.

So, plan ahead, pack light, stay safe, and above all embrace you own inner adventurer as you venture out on the expedition of your dreams.

About the Author

Shawn Richards the author of “Tips for women travellers” is a passionate traveller and travel writer. He offers budget travel advice on how to find cheap flights and how to enjoy cheap cruises.