Las Vegas VIP Experience

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Everyone who comes to Vegas is looking for the VIP treatment. You don’t come to Vegas for the Cousin Edy experience or to be just another sucker who loses their life savings. Here I will discuss six different aspects of a Vegas evening that will enhance your experience and make you feel like a real Las Vegas VIP.


Las Vegas VIP Experience - Lodging

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There are hundreds of options when it comes to hotels in Las Vegas. So many, in fact, that most of them are under capacity and are desperate for business.

Deals are to be had everywhere in Las Vegas, do a little research and you’re sure to find them. As far as location, the ideal location is at the north end of the strip. If you are inside the Stratosphere, you’ve gone too far.

You want to stay within the Wynn/Encore and Palazzo/Venetian on the north end and no further south than City Center. Mandalay Bay is a really nice hotel, but its proximity to the Luxor makes its location less than ideal.

If you stay at one of the hotels in the previously mentioned geographical constraint, you can comfortably walk to the most high-end resorts and the Fashion Show Mall. If that’s what you’re into.

If you are going out for the night and walking is not an option. Don’t just get a cab get a limousine. If there are more than five of you in the group it ends up being as cheap as a cab, way more comfortable, and gives you that VIP feel to jumpstart the night.

In Vegas, there are just about as many limousines as there are taxicabs, take advantage of the market’s supply and demand.


Gambling at Las Vegas

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If you want the VIP rewards of gambling be sure to sign up for the casino’s rewards program. Every casino has one. You get a little card with your name on it and every time you sit down to gamble you slide the card over to the dealer or into the slot machine and it monitors what you gamble. If you spend enough time or gamble enough money, free comps will head your way.


Getting the VIP treatment at the clubs can be tricky. As in pretty much every aspect of life, it’s all about who you know and, when it comes to the clubs, who you’re with. A bunch of guys trying to get into a club where they know no one might as well stay in their hotel rooms.

Add several attractive women to the equation and you are in like the proverbial Flynn. It also helps to buy bottle service, but that may be the most overpriced aspect of a Vegas evening, and there is heavy competition in that category. For men, the best advice I can give you is to meet women who would like to accompany you to a club before you go out. A solid men-to-women ratio in your group will cut your queue time in half.


Las Vegas Show

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The options are endless when it comes to shows in Las Vegas. I’ll do my best to narrow it down for you. Interested in Cirque Du Soleil? The Beatles Love show is the most widely celebrated show in town. Good luck finding someone to say a bad word about Love, the show not the feeling or idea. Let’s not get abstract now.

Interested in magic? Well you shouldn’t be because magic is lame. Go see Cris Angel if you already love Cris Angel, otherwise never step foot in the Luxor. You’ve heard of the Blue Man Group for a reason, they run a tight ship over there. Can’t go wrong with the Blue Men. How about an R-rated Hypnotist? Anthony Cools at The Paris can be worthwhile, especially if someone you are with is willing to volunteer.

How about a Burlesque show? MGM Grand’s Crazy Horse Paris is as close to the real Paris version burlesque as you will get in town. Since it is the same company I’m not surprised, but I am surprised that The Paris hotel didn’t manage to lock them down.


Dinner in Las Vegas

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Once again, the options are endless. When it comes to having a VIP dinner in Las Vegas it’s hard to go wrong. There are just too many amazing restaurants to name and too many celebrity chefs to plug. What most of these restaurants miss, though, is that old school Rat Pack Vegas feel.

With everything in Vegas turning bright, shiny, and new in recent years, we lost a lot of that Good Fellas mystique in town. One place I have found that can not only give you that gangster feel, but also one of the best prime ribs I have ever tasted is Piero’s Italian Cuisine.

Piero’s has a plethora of awards including the coveted Five-Star Diamond Award for 11 consecutive years. Even with all its acclaim, it still feels like a hidden gem in the pantheon of Vegas restaurants.

That’s all for now. If you follow all my advice, you will be feeling the VIP treatment all night. I would wish you luck, but very important people don’t need luck, they are just too important.

Kevin McDonald the author of the “Tips For a Las Vegas VIP Experience” is a travel writer based in Las Vegas.