Tips for taking your blog along when browsing from country to country!

If you own a blog, then you know that your personality and personal life matters just as much as your posts. It doesn’t matter if you operate a travel blog or a business one. People want to know what is happen to you, and there are a few things you can do to give people all of the details when you travel from country to country. Mobile technology has made it much easier to post articles and photos regardless of where you are. Use these tips to bring your blog with you as you travel internationally. So here are the best tips for taking your blog along when you travel.

Tips for taking your blog along when you travel
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Use Mobile Technology
Mobile technology will be your best friend when it comes to updating your blog. If you travel internationally, then you are going to be on planes, boats and trains for hours. Not only that, but you are going to have musings while you are walking around. You need to have mobile technology to take advantage of these moments.

A good smartphone or tablet will give you the chance to update your blog while you are traveling. This will also let you check your blog for new comments and suggestions. You can write your musings using a memo app, or you can add it right to your blog.

If you are going to follow any tip, then make sure you follow this one. You can’t carry around a desktop while you are traveling, and even laptops are cumbersome. You can easily use a tablet or smartphone to update your blog.

Blogging Apps

If you use WordPress or any other popular blogging engine, then there is probably a mobile app that you can take advantage of. While you can easily go online and sign into your blog with the browser, an app is often much better. Apps tend to load faster, require less bandwidth and there are usually more features.

For example, the WordPress app lets you easily add photos right from your mobile hardware. The app also makes it much easier to format your post so that it looks perfect. Apps also make it easier to read comments and other blog posts. While this isn’t essential, it will make the task of updating your blog much easier.

Take Photos
You can write an elaborate post about how a piece of unique architecture looks, but it’s much easier to just take a photo. If you are using mobile hardware, then you can easily take photos with the camera app. The vast majority of smartphones and tablets have a camera that can create professional photos.

Adding the photo into your blog is also quite simple. You just need to sign into your blog, make a new post and use the photo feature. Most blogging apps and systems are made so that you can instantly access the photos on your device. Just select the photo to add it to your blog. This allows your readers to see exactly what you see.

Record Videos
Perhaps the only thing better than a photo is a video. This is very similar to adding a photo because most mobile devices can record videos. The only difference is that you shouldn’t add the video directly to your blog. This is because a video takes up a lot of memory.

You can get around this by using a video uploading website like YouTube. Just upload your video, copy the share URL and post the URL on your blog. This allows you to add video to your blog without frustrating your host.

Post Frequently
The last thing you should do is post frequently. Try adding a one new post a day if possible. If this is too stressful, then just add a post every few days. You can also use social media apps to make smaller updates. This allows you to tell readers what you are doing, but you don’t need to make a full post.


It’s fairly easy to bring your blog along with you when you are traveling internationally. Mobile devices have really advanced, and you can do a lot of blogging with a conventional smartphone or tablet. You can also use these devices to take photos and videos so that your readers see everything that you do. The best tips for taking your blog along when you travel are brought to you by

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