Best Attractions in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Disney World holidays are just the ticket for any age. You don’t have to be a kid to jump in with two feet and have some serious fun. New attractions pop up every year and many more are sure to come. The whole Disney experience never gets old or will ever make you yawn. The best Florida holidays must include hip and happening Orlando to get the most from a visit to The Sunshine State.

Main attractions in Disney

The Magic Kingdom has the classic Disney rides, shows and parades that you don’t want to miss. There’s so much to see and do that it could make your head spin, so try a few tips to get you to the top attractions on time.

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1. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Pick up the pace in this wild ride through the Old West. One of the most inventive thrill rides at Disney World, this top attraction is filled with scenes and images from the rugged cowboy country. Be sure to ride Big Thunder Mountain at least twice. The backdrops are awesome during the day and get even better at night.

2. The Jungle Cruise
The Jungle Cruise is a Disney classic on a slow-moving safari boat filled with colorful critters. Glide by the African animals with some comedic commentary by your witty safari skipper. Great for all ages, The Jungle Cruise is a perfect 10.

Best Attractions in Disney
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3. Space Mountain
This wild and crazy ride takes you through outer space on a sloping roller coaster track that spirals downward in the dark. Like something out of Star Wars, the sights, sounds and speed will put a gulp in your throat. Yeah, you might have to wait in line a little longer for this one, but the payoff is worth it when you’re strapped in and ready to blast off.

4. The Enchanted Tiki Room
Beautiful birds have never been so much fun than in a ringside seat in The Tiki Room. Each colorful character has their own unique personality and they know how to work the crowd. They talk, they sing and want everybody to sing along. The Tiki Room brings island magic to life in a delightful and one-of-a-kind show.

Top Attractions in Disney
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5. The Carousel Of Progress.
This popular attraction is not a ride, however, the story takes you on a journey over the last 100 years. Discover how the world evolved into the technical miracle it is today by watching the Carousel of Progress lay it all out. Great for kids and curious adults, this 20 minute show is a real eye-opener.

6. The Haunted Mansion
This clever haunted house is filled with tricks, twists and spooky dudes. Not too scary for kids, The Haunted Mansion is a favorite for a slow-paced attraction full of surprises. Mansion guests hop in a cart and glide by all the action filled with creepy comedy that is good for a few laughs.

Attractions in Disney
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7. The Hall of Presidents
This mesmerizing show is all Americana with a variety of U.S. president sitting down for a chat. They are so lifelike that you will actually see them breathe. Meet Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and watch Barak Obama take the oath of office. Stirring, compelling and a compact lesson in American history, The Hall of Presidents is a moving experience.

8. The Mad Tea Party
Who doesn’t love Alice in Wonderland? Hop in a teacup and join the party. The teacups have a steering wheel to make them spin as fast as you want to just sit back with hand’s off for a mild ride. This young and old attraction brings out the best in the Disney characters, so don’t be surprised if one of them jumps in the teacup with you. The Mad Tea Party is fun, relaxing and one of the most loved signature rides at Disney World.

9. Peter Pan’s Flight
This may look like a kiddie ride, however, all ages love to hop onboard. The cart is suspended from the ceiling, so it delivers a different kind of feel than the rides mounted on a track. Bob and weave through Neverland and visit some dazzling places. The Peter Pan ride is an all-time Disney classic and just right for the little ones.

Attractions in Disney
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10. Country Bear Jamboree
This show comes to life with huggable bears playing their cool country music tunes. This feel-good attraction has some history as one of the last projects that Walt Disney personally created. Kick back and enjoy some goofy humor, great music and some southern hospitality from the bears.

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