Therme Loipersdorf Spa

Tucked away in the heart of the Eastern Styrian hill country, Thermae Loipersdorf Spa has definitely emerged to become an extraordinary tourist destination. With its high-quality thermal water, Therme Loipersdorf will provide you a world that is full of wellness and well-being.

You will definitely enjoy as you experience the traditional health care concepts alongside alternating healing approaches in the spa’s sphere. To make your moment more worth-while, have yourself pampered by all kinds of gratifying state-of-the-art bathing and body culture.

Therme Loipersdorf Spa

Another feature to look forward to in Thermae Loipersdorf is that it constantly innovates and improves its services and facilities. Today, the spa offers indoor and outdoor pools, sunbathing areas, sports fields and playgrounds. Indeed, Therme Loipersdorf Spa is the perfect get-away for you and your family. Here are the highlights of the place:

The Thermal World of Therme Loipersdorf Spa

Thermae Laguna

This is one of Therme Loipersdorf Spa’s highlights where you will absolutely find well-being in its sauna world. It has interesting rooms which features atmospheric shades of colour. Another great feature to take advantage is its light-flooded Laguna ambiance to give you a good mood and make you feel well-balanced.

For deeper relaxation and inner peace, you should try Thermae Laguna’s salt grotto made from Himalaya salt alongside alpha deck chairs and convenient rest rooms.

Therme Loipersdorf Spa

These harmoniously built Laguna pools and rest room areas are washed around the gentle 36°C thermal water. Also, you should not miss the recreational bays where you can lay down and have a good rest. The Thermae Laguna further includes nozzles. a whirlpool, sitting nooks with Jacuzzi and massage streams.


One of Europe’s most unique relaxation areas, Schaffelbad provides top-class atmosphere. It features a wide range of pools plus indoor and outdoor saunas. With its built in terraces, you will have the opportunity to find your own oasis of peace and quiet with a good amount of tranquility. Schaffelbad also, brings forth a fine bathing culture as it offers indoor atrium pool, courtyard pool, the lake pavilion, a rock bath and the Schaffel (big cask).

You may also enjoy its several sauna services and guided stream treatment. One great feature you should never miss in this place is its recently opened 50 m2 Panorama Sauna.

Adventure World of Therme Loipersdorf Spa


Adventure Bath

Therme Loipersdorf Spa also offers unique bathing areas and playgrounds that will definitely take the whole family into a fun-filled experience! The Acapulco pool, a torrent-wave pool, diving platform and a family slide will definitely give your children one great adventure they will never forget. If you want to have an ultimate thrill, then you should try the 110 metre-long Black Hole Slide.

For the wee ones, they can have a splash in the safer bays, which are less crowded yet still exciting and fun with the sandy beaches, small wave pool and mini water slide.

Therme Loipersdorf Spa Therapy Worlds


Therapy Worlds

There are two types of therapies normally offered by the Therme Loipersdorf – the traditional and alternative. You are assured to get safe and quality services since only the certified and top-class therapists and physicians are the ones to give you advice on the best possible treatments that you need.

If you want to soothe your body, soul and spirit, then go ahead and experience a whole new level of relaxation from all the offered massages, mud packs, fango therapies, Shiatsu, La Stone treatments, Ayurveda treatments, hydroelectric baths and aroma therapies.

This place will – no doubt – help you achieve full relaxation and promote a holistic well-being in you.

Loipersdorf Bath Spa

Therme Loipersdorf is located close to Furstenfeld in Styria (Steiermark), which is also home to the out of this world Rogner Bad Blumau Spa.