Therme Geinberg

What a better way to celebrate some full-blown relaxation than in one of Austria’s celebrated hot springs! This beautiful country is blessed with a whole range of former volcanic zones. You can even choose to swim in steaming hot water all year round!

The spas of Austria have become an important factor for the country’s tourism. Most of these spas offer saunas, massages and other beauty and wellness treatments.

Others even specialise on the ‘adventure’ approaches with wave pools to target adventure enthusiasts and young people. Some spas, on the other hand, maintain a long-standing tradition of therapeutic treatments.

Therme Geinberg Spa

One of Austria’s top spa havens is Therme Geinberg. Situated north of Salzburg, Therme Geinberg creates a superb water world of its own. It may not be the biggest of all spas, but Therme Geinberg is exceptionally well-rounded. Getting there, you’ll find that the spa is more spectacular than you have ever expected.

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therme geinberg

Therme Geinberg’s baths are based in a modern complex. One that can be considered as an architectural masterpiece, the design of the bath area creates an extremely calm and attractive environment. All of its thermal pools are kept at a good temperature of up to 36C. The indoor pool is surprisingly enormous, with no shortage of in-pool massage seats!

Also, worth-trying is its thermal Caribbean salt-water lagoon with a poolside bar – or lounge with pleasure at its artificial beach lagoon. You will also find an outdoor sports pool, if you want to have a more energetic plunge.

A special feature (and a majestic one!) of this spa is the Thermen Kaskade.

This stainless steel infinity swimming pool is elegantly crafted – with its two-levelled architecture simply stunning and awe-inspiring. You will surely enjoy drifting around in here since it is really spacious. Also, the magnificent views of its pleasant surroundings is another highlight.

This infinity pool is even more spectacular after sundown. For a very romantic and surreal experience, why don’t you stop under the bridge in the channel entering the Thermen Kaskade at night. Then, look out into the darkness and see the steam rising rhythmically from the top of the deep blue glow of the infinity pool. This is one thing that’s truly unmissable!

Other facilities at Therme Geinberg

Furthermore, there is a choice of nine varying saunas and steam rooms – where you can de-stress and find your inner peace. Then, care to head forth in their unique Ice World – which features a Snow Paradise, Ice Rain, Crushed Ice and much more.

therme geinberg

As you plan to dine, there are no worries since this Austrian spa offers a restaurant within its bath complex. Another facility to take advantage of is a sauna welt with free entrance –  where you can get a wide range of treatments and massages.

From their calming alpine therapy to the satisfying Indian Ayurvedic massage, you’ll definitely have a hard time on deciding what to really choose!

With all these excellent features available, Therme Geinberg is – without a doubt – one precious spa haven!

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If you love thermal spas, wellness not take a trip to Austria’s Spa capital Styria, where you can enjoy more world class thermal spas including Rogner Bad Blumau and Therme Loipersdorf.