Gadgets taking on holiday

Spring Holiday Gadgets by Steven

A couple of decades ago, a holiday did exactly what it said on the tin: allowed you to completely escape from your work life, and embrace some time spent completely out of the business loop.

However, in today’s society where technology is fast becoming an essential part of our everyday lives, it’s not so easy to completely switch off on holiday. Many people rely on being able to stay in touch whilst they’re away, meaning that the number of expensive gadgets travelling across borders is ever multiplying.

Tech-savvy life on holiday - travel blogger

Even when they’re jetting off for a relaxing hotel break in Morocco, France or even Australia, many people like to be able to take some of their work with them on holiday. And though many modern hotels provide computer access and wifi, a lot of travellers still like to have their own laptop and Blackberry with them to keep well informed on life in the office whilst they’re away.

Whether it’s to do actual work or just to check in every once in a while for updates, it’s hardly surprising that so many holidaymakers take these gadgets with them in a world where technology forms such a large part of business.

Holidaymakers who don’t take their work with them when they go abroad are still often attached to other gadgets that they can’t go without.

It’s very rare, for example, to find a traveller who is without either their ipod or their digital camera – even relaxation now relies heavily on technology.


Gone are the days when holidays were about going back to basics and enjoying what your destination had to offer: now it would seem peculiar not to take something to document your time abroad, or to entertain you on the journey.

Whether you’re carrying your laptop, your digital camera, or your kindle, holidays are now unavoidably more packed with technological valuables.

Travellers certainly shouldn’t have to go without them on their trips, but it is worth considering security if you’re going to be taking expensive gadgets away with you.

Look for good deals on travel insurance which can help to provide you with peace of mind when you’re carting around your tech-savvy life on holiday. Once insured, you don’t have to be cut off from the world on your holiday.