With its rich historical context and the allure of an exciting Mediterranean adventure, it is no wonder why many tourists, mostly European and Americans, check out a hotel price comparison site like the Hotels Fairy and get the best accommodations Tangier hotels have to offer.

Families and friends who are in search of a Mediterranean holiday fill the hotels in Tangier to the brim throughout the year, in search of sun, sea and luxury. The following is a quick glance of the best hotels in Tangier.

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Hotels in Tangier Morocco

Ramada Les Almohades Tangier ~ €60/night

Tangier Hotels - Ramada Fronting the bay of Tangier, Ramada Les Almohades Tangier is a great choice for those who are coming in and out of Morocco, since the hotel is just 25 minutes away from the airport. The Ramada Les Almohades Tangier features guest rooms fully modernized with LCD TVs, WiFi connection, and state-of-the-art air conditioning system. Most rooms also have a balcony that provides a great view of the Mediterranean Sea. Room rates start at around €50.

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El Minzah Hotel Tangier ~ €100/night

Tangier Hotels - El Minzah hotel A five-star luxury hotel that fuses comfort and functionality, El Minzah Hotel Tangier is no doubt one of the finest hotels in Tangier. Exuding a homey look from the outside, the hotel offers the latest features and amenities that would really make your stay remarkable and enjoyable. Its interior design and structure appears as if you are in a royal palace. Located at the heart of Tangier, guests can easily walk down to the city’s major attractions such as the Old Market.

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Ahlen Village Hotel Tangier ~ €20/night

ahlen village hotel tangierOne of the best value Tangier hotels is the Ahlen Village Hotel. Modern with a hint of Moroccan tradition, Ahlen Village Hotel provides guests with flat screen TVs, WiFi internet access, and bathrooms that offer the total package. There is also a big pool where guests can spend their time swimming and relaxing with their friends and other guests. Ahlen Village Hotel also has its own restaurant that treats diners to traditional Moroccan dishes and three bars where guests can spend party the night away.

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Other excellent hotels in Tangier

There are many good hotels in and around Tangier which you can find using the search box at the top of this page.  Some of the other top recomendations for staying in Tangier include the luxurios but affordable El Oumnia Puerto Hotel Tangier , the top value Rembrandt Hotel Tangier and for those in search of a more international choice, the Intercontinental Hotel Tangier.

More Information about Tangier

The city of Tangier is a great vacation destination for those who just want to go Mediterranean all the way. Situated in the coast of Northern Africa, Tangier sits right at the entrance of the strait of Gibraltar, where the Mediterranean Sea meets the waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

With its rich history that binds early civilizations and culture since 5th century BC, Tangier has become a hub where Europeans, Africans, and non-Europeans enjoy a harmonious living.

Tangier today now boasts of trappings of modern city living, including highly rated Tangier hotels, malls, and other signs of modernization and urbanization. That said, remnants of the old Tangier still stands and are now included among the city’s major attractions.

A few places worth going to are the Dar el Makzhen (Sultan’s palace), Tangier Grand Mosque, and the American Legation to name a few. And there are a lot of things to do as well. Many hotels in Tangier offer exciting desert adventure as well as scuba diving packages for those who are into extreme sports.

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