5 Unique Things To Do In New York City

New York City holidays are a thrill ride to capture the most discriminating traveler. Never a dull moment in The Big Apple, Manhattan radiates a manic vibe for action, fun and new experiences to try. From international cuisine on every corner to high culture at the world’s most prestigious museums, New York City has it all and is everywhere you want to be.

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Five Of The Best Hotel Restaurants In New York City

At the end of a long trip, whether it is by boat, plane or vehicle, the relief of arriving at your destination and finally getting to your hotel room is something that may of us can appreciate. Sometimes travel can be a joy, but on many occasions it can be a headache. So heading out on the town after a 6 hour flight and a cab right to find dinner can be just a little too much. Hotel restaurants offer salvation for the weary traveler and locals looking for fine dining alike. So if you enjoy fine dining and are planning a trip to New York City in the future, read on to discover 5 of the best hotel restaurants in the city.


New York Bridge 2015

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How to Plan a Stress Free Vacation

Vacation planning can be very stressful for many reasons. It can be hard to find a budget friendly vacation or activities that will please everyone in the family. Remembering that vacations are supposed to be fun and taking a little extra time to do some research can remove the stress from your vacation planning and will ensure that you have a vacation that the whole family will enjoy.

family vacation Stress Free

Sometimes it can be difficult to find activities that everyone in the family will enjoy. Gather the family together to get some ideas as to how everyone would like to spend their time away from home. If possible, let each family member choose a day of activities. This way, everyone will get to experience something new while on vacation and each child will look forward to their chosen activity.

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5 Weird and Wonderful Hotels in Asia

If you happen to be travelling in Asia and have had your fill of soulless hotels that all look like the one you stayed in the night before, then check out our list of the 5 most unique, and perhaps slightly strange, hotels in Asia.

They will definitely be something to write home about!

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Last call for the high street travel agent?

Last call for the travel agent? With Hotels-Fairy.com

There has been much worry in the travel industry that the days of the high street travel agent may be numbered.

Online travel websites such as Hotels Fairy provide more choice, more transparency and often better deals from comfort and convenience of your home or office, so why would you bother spending time going to high street travel agents?

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