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Five Animals You’ll Want to See in South Africa

What to See in South Africa

South Africa’s vast wilderness is home to some of the most impressive animals on the planet. Travellers may come across several of these great creatures as they traverse the African plains, from the massive African elephant to the reclusive but powerful leopard.

A good local guide can help vacationers see in South Africa many different animals, although travellers can stumble upon some of these animals on their own.


The lion has been used as the symbol of regal power in many nations for hundreds of years. Its incredible strength and pack organization makes it one of the most dangerous hunters on a holiday to South Africa. Lions can be spotted prowling grasslands or lazing near watering holes. Click here to read more »

10 Must-See Sites While Visiting the New York City

When you think of New York City, the first things that come to mind are usually shopping, Time Square, and a tour of Lady Liberty, but there is so much more to see and experience.


The New Yankee Stadium

Visiting the New York City - Yankee stadium

New Yankee Stadium – Image by AmandaB3

Even non-baseball fans will be amazed by this $1.3 billion marvel of architecture when taking the 45 minute tour that includes Monument Park, Yankees’ Museum, the Press Box, and the Bleacher Cafe. Click here to read more »

Eight Unusual Attractions in New York

You’ve seen the Statue of Liberty, you’ve climbed to the very top of  The Empire State Building and you have even exhausted everything there is to do in Central Park, now you want something new and a little out of the ordinary right? If so then you are in luck as we explore some of the most unusual things to do in New York.

The Museum of Television and Radio (25 West 52nd Street, New York)

Unusual Attractions in New York

Image by haNNabanana

Just when you thought you had been to all the interesting museums in New York, I go ahead and give you one you’ve probably never even heard of. This museum doesn’t really attract a lot of tourism despite it being such an interesting place.

Near enough everyone loves to watch T.V or listen to the radio and it is here where you can sift through thousands of old radio shows, documentaries, dramas and even sitcoms. You’ll also learn all about the history of television and radio which has had what could possibly be a bigger impact on society than anything else ever! Click here to read more »

6 most romantic spots in New York

New York is known to be one of the impressive cities in the world. But it is also one of the most romantic cities in the world. I have experienced that New York has incredible romantic locations with spectacular views, perfect for wooing the ladies! For a lot of people, including myself, planning the perfect date can be quite nerve racking.

This is why I found it interesting scout the city looking for the most romantic spots in New York. Take a look at what I find to be the most romantic activities, spots and views of New York.

6. Salon de Ning at the Peninsula hotel.

If you are willing to invest some money in your date you should definitely visit one of the many rooftop lounge bars or restaurants. A good example is the Peninsula Rooftop where you can hang out, have a conversation while enjoying a view of the Manhattan skyline. This is a good way to connect and your date will know you have class.

Salon de Ning at the Peninsula hotel

Click here to read more »

Fly The Flag in NYC For an Independence Day To Remember

New York 2016 - Independence Day

Federal holidays in the U.S don’t come any bigger or louder than 4th July, otherwise known as Independence Day. In the bulging metropolis of New York – the epicenter for cultural diversity and cutting edge style, July 4th celebrations are bigger and more rambunctious than anywhere else in the country – namely due to it being responsible for the largest celebratory firework display associated with the commemorative date.

Short of rocking up to the archaic Bristol Festival at Rhode Island (the oldest Independence Day Festival in the U.S) New York presents one of the finest cities in which to absorb a little of the patriotic spill-over, with a jam-packed schedule of it’s own colorful multi-cultural events. Click here to read more »