Luangwa National ParkLuangwa National Park

Zambia is famous for its national parks and the Victoria Falls. One of its most famous parks is the Luangwa National Park, which is divided into north and south sections. Of the two, South Luangwa is by far the more popular.

This has largely to do with the fact that the north section of the park was closed to the public for a number of years, as a result it doesn’t have the infrastructure of the south section. The upshot is that the north is a dedicated wilderness area and visitors still have to seek special permission if they want to enter by themselves.

Otherwise they have to book tours and safaris through recognised tour operators.

Meanwhile, South Luangwa is in great demand. It’s much bigger than the north section (almost twice as big) and has many lodges, camp sites and chalets for visitors to stay over. Click here to read more »