Attractions in Malaysia - Petronas Twin Towers Kuala Lumpur

Petronas Twin Towers

Attractions in Malaysia

Planning a vacation to Malaysia is one of the best choices one can make. Malaysia is a land full diverse cultures  all living and working together to foster and create a peaceful haven.

There is a mix of Indians, Malays and  Chinese people cohabiting and bringing to life a world of culture and celebration that you will be lucky enough to experience during your stay in Malaysia no matter where you choose to go.

Malaysia is a vast land that offers unique adventures at every twist and turn from scuba diving to your own journey through a rainforest! There are five places you do not want to dismiss when planning your Malaysian journey!

Kuala Lumpur
Home to the Petronas Twin Tower, Tasek Perdana Birds Park, and the Batu Caves, this capital city of Malaysia has bounds of entertainment and adventure to offer its visitors!

A great destination for your family vacation, Kuala Lumpur has delicious dining options, endless shopping markets and outlets, as well as a zoo that features many animals that will entertain and captivate your children’s attention and really make this trip stand out for them!

One of the most breath taking and history-filled places in Malaysia, this town has a huge Chinese population. Step inside the temple walls and feel the history of this town take over. Click here to read more »