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What Will Happen to London after the Olympics?

The London Olympics are coming soon, and London is getting ready by putting up many new tourist attractions and arenas to host the games. They are also building and expanding venues to house the large crowds. That is great, but what is going to happen to London after the Olympics?

Some people are worried that it will turn up like the Chinese Olympics with tourist attractions and arenas that are going largely unused. England thought about this, and they have done some very smart things to ensure they do not waste resources. Click here to read more »

London’s Top Restaurants

It’s the capital of the UK and there’s a good reason for it. Providing some of the most diverse entertainment, culture and history in the country, London stands above most cities when it comes to choosing where to head for your hen weekend.

There are fewer enjoyable experiences in life than sitting down with friends to eat delicious food, drink quality wine and spend some decent time together. With no distractions except pausing to appreciate the flavours, there’s certainly no better place to wine and dine than London which has one of the most varied selection of restaurants in the UK, serving up a whole host of fantastic cuisine from around the world.

Below we take a look at a few restaurants that gain top marks and make for a perfect breakfast, lunch or dinner whilst on your London hen weekend.


London's Top Restaurants - HIX Restaurant

Image by Kake Pugh

Based in Soho, this is one of the trendiest restaurants to treat you and the ladies. With some of the best British cuisine on offer today, Hix restaurant has a unique style recreating classic British dishes into its very own allowing for a truly memorable experience. Click here to read more »