Google 2015 the Internet Capital of the World

Silicon Valley is the internet capital of the world,  it’s where thousands of creative, tech-savvy intellectuals are buzzing around, configuring the future of how people communicate.

The area has always housed a healthy electronics industry, and in the 1930s Stanford University tried to resolve its financial situation by leasing some of its property to high-tech companies. In the mid-1900s, Stanford encouraged its faculty and alumni to start their own companies;

Hewlett-Packard was one of these. The area quickly grew, and as technology continued to develop, Silicon Valley became what it is today; an entrepreneurial Mecca of “think tanks.”

When you use your computer, phone, or GPS to help plan your trip to Silicon Valley, you start to see a theme develop. Most of this technology can be traced back to the very place you’re about to tour.

The museums give you insight into the science and history behind the technology, and the Apple company store is an enjoyable place to purchase items that flaunt your computer savvy. Click here to read more »