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Set your foot in the historical villages of Portugal

Historical Villages of Portugal - Ericiera beach

Ericiera Beach – Image by Bolinha

The historic villages in Portugal are certainly one of the best kept secrets of the country. After all who would know that the settlements built out of schist and granite and located in the central parts of the country have been a witness to over 900 years of the country’s history?

Though these hamlets are amazingly tranquil places to be in, they have not been so in the past. They are located high up on the hills and thus have played an important role in maintaining the safety of the surrounding lands.  The strategic location of these villages made them a difficult terrain for invaders to approach.

Even if attempts were made, they would be easily spotted. Thus they turned out to be formidable natural defences.  Click here to read more »

Explore the Enigmatic Summers in Europe

Summers in Europe

Looking for some off-beat European destination this summer that could satisfy your cultural side too? Forget the mountains for a change and bask on the sunny beaches of Cyprus, Turkey and the Mediterranean Sea-all at a great value for money.

Considered to be some of the cheapest summer holiday destinations in Europe, these places can introduce you to cultures that boast of vibrancy and liveliness. From holiday homes to hotels, transportation and accommodation, everything is considered to be a lot cheaper as per the European standards.

Where to go

Iceland: The land of ‘Ice and Fire’ has much to offer apart from its pristine glaciers and live volcanoes. The summer festivals in the country draw millions of people across the world. Of late, the country has established itself as the host of mega music events, such as Annual Reykjavik Jazz

Summers in Europe

Festival in Reykjavík, the Reykholt Music Festival in West Iceland, Annual Cultural Festival, and the Reykjavík Arts Festival. Some of the other

festivals that are known for their colorful presentation of the culture and the vibrancy of the people of this country include:

• First day of summer

• Reykjavík arts festival

• Festival of the sea

• National day

• Summer solstice

• August long weekend

• Big Fish Day at Dalvik

• Culture night Click here to read more »