There are few things more relaxing and healthy than a pleasant walk through nature, enjoying its beauty and serenity, along the way. If you have the opportunity to be in Hampshire, then such a walk may be just the thing you need to not just recharge your batteries, but to see this beautiful county for what it truly is. With over 3,000 miles of walkways, paths and byways crisscrossing all over the county, there is plenty of opportunity to explore this little gem.

Here are a few popular routes that you can walk down for some pleasant little treks through Hampshire.


Avon Valley Path by Anguskirk

Avon Valley Path

If you are looking to head on down for a really long trek, then this is something that you need to try on for size. The walk route is around 34-miles and is a full day’s activity for the entire family. It takes you through all the gorgeous parts of Hampshire such as the wonderful cathedral-rich town of Salisbury, Christchurch Priory and more.

There are five sections on this walk and you can choose any combination you want. Depending on what you pick, you could end up with a walk through meadows filled with ponds and some incredible wild life or you could be heading down some peaceful little villages along the high chalk downland.

Stop wherever you want and have a picnic or just walk into one of those village pubs and make a trip out of it – the Avon Valley Path will always be a special place.

Pennington Circular Walk

Hampshire is dotted with these little towns and villages that offer some beautiful architecture set amidst breathtaking natural beauty. As part of a popular health walk series that is trying to get people to pay more attention to their health and walk more, the Pennington Circular Walk route was created. Click here to read more »