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The Most Luxurious Chalets in France

There is nothing more breathtaking than staring at heaven on Earth, while sipping a glass of divine French wine and nibbling on some of the finest classical French dishes. As you sit in front of a log-fire, warming yourself slowly with the snow falling outside your window, you will never get a better opportunity to admire the pristine beauty of the majestic French Alps.

So if you do want to do all that and more, then why not take a look at these wonderful French Chalets, which offer all the luxuries on the planet and much more!


Ski La Cote

Ski La Cote

For over 20 years now, Ski La Cote has been welcoming visitors to a beautiful ski chalet situated in the midst of a wonderful Alpine setting. Located near La Chapelle d’Abondance, near the Swiss border, this French Chalet is all about living in the lap of nature and luxury, all at the same time.

There are six large bedrooms that offer unbridled views of the fantastic alpine villages down below, as well as of the beautiful valley laid out in front of it.

The living room comes with a beautiful fireplace while the kitchen is reminiscent of the way the Swiss built their Chalets. Each room comes with a double bed with four rooms having ensuite bathrooms and the remaining two sharing a common shower room.

All rooms have plenty of space to store our mountain equipment. Built in the heart of one of the most popular ski-slopes in the region, the Ski La Cote is truly paradise for those who come there for skiing or just to put their feet up in front of the fire. Click here to read more »

Where To Eat In Nice, France

Located on the sunny Riviera and blessed with a bounty of fresh seafood, and fruits and vegetables grown on the surrounding hills, Nice has hundreds of great dining options. In an effort to help you narrow down your choices, the following is a list of the most popular restaurants.


La Merenda – Image by ferdinado

La Merenda is an authentic Nicoise restaurant serving fabulous food. The space is small, they only accept cash, but you must try to get in, pick your dish from the blackboard menu, and prepare to leave very very content. La Merenda focuses on using local produce to make traditional Nicoise dishes with a twist.

Le Chantecler rises high on everyone’s list of favorite restaurants in Nice. It is where you go for special occasions. Located in the exquisite Negresco Hotel right on the Promenade des Anglais, Le Chantecler also has a lovely Sunday prix fixe lunch available where the welcoming glass of champagne sets a refined mood.

Kei’s Passion is expensive and you have to reserve well in advance. It is primarily fine French food but with a Japanese flair, if that makes sense. Young chef Keisuke Matsushima has developed a huge following for his cooking that celebrates local produce and tradition. Opt for the prix fixe lunch or dinner the first time you go to get a good introduction to his superb cuisine.

L’Univers Christian Plumail is a highly rated and pretty restaurant where you can try a variety of menus presented either for the season, or for the produce the chef found in the market that day, or a la carte. Click here to read more »