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Top Five Attractions in Devon

Attractions in Devon

There are few places as charming and beautiful as Devon, in all of England. For all those who hate the idea of spending their holidays amidst crowds of people, busy hotels, and bustling traffic, Devon is truly a holiday haven. Rolling plains, wonderful beaches, breathtaking scenery, excellent Devon caravan sites and untouched natural beauty makes it a rarely used, but extremely relaxing, holiday destination for all.

So if you are planning to head on down to the county, then here’s a list of things that you could see to make that trip to Devon memorable.

The BIG Sheep


The Big Sheep Race – Image by thebigsheepdevon

If you are travelling to Devon with young children, then this is definitely the first place you need to go. Even if you don’t have children, you will still love the fantastic entertainment park that is the BIG Sheep. Click here to read more »

Visiting the UK? Don’t Forget Devon


If you are planning a vacation to Great Britain you will probably have London, Stonehenge and Scotland on your itinerary. Scotland is certainly a beautiful country and worth a visit, but it is not the only picturesque part of the British countryside. Click here to read more »