At the foot of Pike’s Peak sits the beautiful city of Colorado Springs at an elevation of 6,035 feet. Once known as Little London, the city was founded by General William Palmer in 1871. From the early days, Colorado Springs’ appeal was its climate and culture, which is still true today.

The natural beauty of the snow capped mountain peaks along with over three hundred sunny days each year draws over six million visitors a year to Colorado’s prime vacation destination.


Garden of Gods

Garden of the Gods

Colorado Springs is home to one of the most beautiful city parks in the United States, the Garden of the Gods. The park has been recognized as one of the Ten Great Places in the World.

Biking & Hiking

The city of Colorado Springs can be explored on bicycle, with the city boasting over eighty-five miles of street bicycle lanes. In addition there are over one hundred miles of urban bike trails and over sixty miles of mountain bike trails. If hiking is in your plans there is 160 miles of hiking trails in the various parks in the city of Colorado Springs. There are many parks within the city’s boundaries which include the Memorial Skateboard Park where skaters, BMX riders, and skateboarders from all over the U.S. visit each year.

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