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Hidden Beaches in Miami for a Winter Getaway

Hidden beaches in Miami

For most people living in the Northern Hemisphere, a tropical vacation is among the best ways to beat the winter cold. Miami, in the south east of the US, is a hot destination full of idyllic beaches and a warm, tropical climate.

But due to Miami being a popular vacation spot, tourists from all over the world flock to the area as well, with the famous beaches in Miami feeling a lit bit crowded and hectic. Fortunately for travellers who want to get away from it all, there are less crowded beaches in Miami which are great for a quieter winter escape.

Check out these hidden Miami beaches, away from the typical tourist hotspots.

Hidden Miami Beaches

Sunny Isles Beach

Around 11 miles from the world-famous South Beach is Sunny Isles described by the Canadian Traveller as a tropical paradise, with coastlines totaling a distance of two miles. Sunny Isles faces the mighty Atlantic on one side, and the Intracoastal Waterway on the other.

If you’ve spent enough time on the beach for one day and still have plenty of hours before dark, consider visiting the Everglades National Park, Fairchild Tropical Garden and Jungle Island which welcome tourists and nature lovers of all ages.

For automobile fanatics, a popular exhibit that is located in the area is the renowned Dezer Collection Car Museum.

While theatre aficionados should check out the local arts scene at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts.

Hidden Beaches in Miami for paddleboarding

Oleta River State Park Beach

Despite it covering over 1,000 acres, Oleta River State Park Beach is relatively unknown to most Miami residents, according to Departures Magazine. Nonetheless, it’s a wonderful spot for outdoor adventures such as kayaking and stand up paddleboarding (SUP).

Several species of birds can also be spotted in the region due to its proximity to both the sea and the Everglades, making it an ideal location for bird watching.

Virgina Key

Virginia Key greets travellers making their way to Key Biscayne after passing the Rickenbacker Causeway from Downtown Miami. This unassuming location holds a myriad of attractions, which can be best appreciated through kayaking.

Florida Rambler shared the experiences that potentially await Virginia Key kayakers: unparalleled views of Miami’s skyline covering the crystal waters of Biscayne Bay; mangrove lagoons with fish and rays swimming underneath that are perfectly visible to the naked eye and; incomparable vantage points towards the unused Miami Marine Stadium which, at one time, held the record for the longest span of cantilevered concrete in the world. Deep breath.

Miami Beach lifeguard post

These hidden beaches in Miami will cater best to off the beaten path travellers, and it’s comforting to know as well that despite being relatively quieter than some famous Miami attractions, they are totally safe for tourists.

In fact, both Sunny Isles and Key Biscayne are included in the safest neighbourhoods of Miami-Dade county as discussed in a list compiled by Discover Homes.

So if you plan on heading to Miami to escape the harsh winter weather, it is highly recommended to consider one of the hidden beaches in Miami. Take a look beyond the city’s beaches and head to some less well discovered tourist spots for a more secluded and memorable getaway.


Would you strip off at a Nude Beach?


Trip Advisor recently did a survey on how many of us really would like to strip off at a nude beach.  Staggering number of people have said yes – especially our Europeans have been very open.

This survey should not be a surprise as there are many nude beaches in continental Europe.  Just a quick search on Google brought up quite a few beaches that you can strip off.

  • Filaki beach in Crete Greece, which claims to be the only official nude beach on the island. It is located near the Vritomartis naturist resort.
  • Lido di Dante in Ravenna Italy, is also an official nude beach.
  • Cap d’Agde beach at the town of Agde in France is one of the most popular nude beach in the South of France. The Mediterranean coast of France is actually full of sandy and secluded beaches where you can be one with the nature.
  • Playa de los Muertos Almeria in Spain claims to be the world’s most famous nude beach and resort of Vera Playa, near Costa Almeria in Andalusia.
  • Bol island Brac in Croatia also know as FKK beaches in Bol. Just head towards the Dominican Monastery, there you will find a remote sandy beach where you can take everything off!!
  • The island of Sylt, in Germany. This is actually one of the oldest official nude beach in Germany as it was established in 1920. Some claim that it is even the oldest one in Europe. These days, there are around 600,000 Germans registered in more than 300 private nudist clubs.

Most of the official nude beaches around Europe have certain rules or code of polite conduct, so you better familiarise yourself with the local etiquette. So bring with you some sun cream and a bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated and don’t be shy. Get ready to bear it all!!!
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