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Bali Holidays – Why You Should Visit Bali

Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world with thousands of visitors flocking to the country each year.

The rapid growth in tourism which Bali has enjoyed over the last five years has positively improved the countries culture and lifestyle by creating a stable and sustainable income.

Bali and its surrounding islands are home to over 3 million people, with most of the islands employment being in the hotel and tourism industry.

Why You Should Visit Bali

Pura Ulun Danu Temple

A major reason so many choose Bali holidays is due to the warm tropical climate of 20 to 33 degrees Celsius all year round. This tropical climate is perfect for a huge variety of Balinese flora to thrive, including holy Banyan trees, swaying palm trees, bamboos and flowers. Many holiday makers go to Bali and are surprised by seeing the masses of beautiful flowers used throughout the country.

Do not be surprised if you smell the natural aromatic and soothing scents of jasmine, bougainvillea and hibiscus throughout the country. Flowers are used absolutely everywhere.

Bali Holidays

A typical Balinese sunset

In 2010, Bali was the most popular holiday destination in Asia, voted by Due to Bali’s popularity with tourists looking for a variety of culture, landscape, cuisine and a warm tropical climate, Bali holidays have been attractive to tourists looking for luxury all inclusive holidays and hotels and those looking to spend a relaxing break soaking in the sunshine whilst sipping on exotic cocktails.

The idea of a Bali honeymoon is also becoming increasingly popular with newly-weds. Seminyak has some of the most magnificent beaches in Bali for those wishing to enjoy a laidback, relaxing break in the sunshine.

Ubud is a village cluster which attracts visitors keen to learn about Balinese culture and tradition, while Kuta offers plenty of night life for party animals. There really is something for everyone in Bali.

Bali Market

Bali Market

There is an increasing number of visitors booking Bali holidays from all over the world, flights fly frequently and directly to Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport, often known as Denpasar International Airport, located in Southern Bali.

It is very easy to fly to the island from locations all over the world. A flight from Jakarta to Bali is 1.5 hours, to Singapore, 3 hours and to Melbourne just 6 hours. One thing is for sure, whether you are looking for holidays to Bali, an exciting tour of the country or your dream honeymoon, this sensational island certainly has a lot to offer.

Laura Johnson the author of the “Bali Holidays – Why you should visit Bali” is a travel writer from Hull who visited Bali on a press trip in February 2013.

Top 7 Things to See in Bali

Although Bali is a small island, it is absolutely packed with things to do and see. With enchanting temples, captivating dance performances, glorious beaches and incredible rice terraces you will find no end to the list of sights. This small list should get you started on what is sure to be an unforgettable trip.

1. Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot is a temple of great Hindu importance. It is said to be the work of a 15th Century Hindu priest named Nirartha who saw the rock, which is just offshore, as a place of religious importance. It has since been an important place to worship the Balinese sea gods. The walk to the temple is bursting with souvenir shops and restaurants for tourists.

2. Dolphins

A dolphin at Lovina Bay

A dolphin at Lovina Bay

Holidays to Bali include the opportunity to interact with dolphins. Lovina’s most popular attraction is dolphin watching. Here you will find plenty of boat trips out to sea where more often than not they are spotted. At Serangan near Sanu you have the opportunity to swim with dolphins in a floating sea pen. This gives you the chance to get close to the mammals in a well cared for environment.

3. Tegalalang Rice Terraces

Tegallalang Rice Terraces

Tegallalang Rice Terraces

Bali holidays should include a visit to the Tegallalang rice terraces. The beautifully terraced paddies were created over 2,000 years ago by natives that carved them into steep hillsides with stone hand tools. Here you can see the Balinese farmer work and enjoy the view of the valley.

4. Pura Besakih

Pura Besakih

Pura Besakih

Another temple, but this is an important one. Although there are thousands of temples to be discovered during Bali holidays, Pura Besakih is the most impressive. Situated on Mount Agung, the temple is a sacred pilgrimage site that features shrines to 30 various Hindu gods.

5. Batubulan

Things to See in Bali


Along the way to Batubulan, stone figures dot the roadside. Here, you can visit an artisan workshop to witness the creation of the internationally famous sandstone demons and deities that decorate the village’s houses and temples.

6. Ubud

A flower seller in Ubud - Things to See in Bali

A flower seller in Ubud

Ubud is widely regarded as the cultural centre of Bali. It is the home of arts and crafts and is bursting with artist workshops and galleries. Ubud’s Museum Purl Lukisan exhibits an extensive permanent collection of Balinese artworks created since the beginning of the 1900s. There is no shortage of handmade wooden carvings of animals on sale either.

7. The Bali Orchid Garden

The Bali Orchid Garden, located near Sanur, makes a perfect relaxing retreat during holidays to Bali. Here, thousands of varieties of orchids bloom throughout the year. The landscaped topical gardens provide a relaxing and peaceful environment for thousands of visitors every month.

The “Top 7 things to see in Bali” was written by Tom Browne, a travel writer who went to Bali back in 2012. Bali holidays are perfect for travellers looking to combine temple-hopping and traditional cultural pursuits with world-class beaches, luxury hotels and unforgettable sunsets.