Styria – Austria’s Natural Spa Capital

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Styria can be your own piece of paradise. This Austrian corner offers wonders which can strengthen and invigorate the mind, body and soul with fresh energy. Between the enchanting scenery of the wine region and the unspoilt nature of the Dachstein glacier, there is also an abundance of spa havens for its visitors! With all of these great things, Styria is truly an insider’s tip for pleasure holidays.

Styria is not just famous for its gently rolling hills and vineyards, orchards, pumpkin fields and castles. It is especially distinguished by its excellent spa resorts which offers visitors to enjoy their many different offers.

Styria’s hot spring waters were accidentally discovered. Drills in the eastern corner of Austria were originally after petrol. Instead of petrol, hot spring water (complete with healthy and soothing properties) was found. Some of these waters rise even from a depth of up to 3,000 metres.

Consequently, Styria gained great benefits from the primeval power of its springs. The six spa resorts, including Bad Waltersdorf, Bad Blumau and Therme Loipersdorf provide a wide spectrum of spa and holiday activities which mainly focus on total well-being. You are definitely guaranteed to find your own favourite treatment in spacious thermal and bathing areas, beauty salons, relaxation areas and therapeutic treatment centres.

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Bad Waltersdorf

Bad Waltersdorf is a popular year-round spa resort in Styria. It takes pride on its thermal waters, thus attracting many visitors. The mild climate and lovely landscape accompanied by its mineral waters make Bad Waltersdorf the perfect place for a really relaxing holiday. Also, worth-noting is its quality hotel accommodation as well as the modern spa facilities.

One place which is worth a visit is the Heiltherme thermal spa, where guests of the resort are able to relax in 36° Celsius hot water all year round! For over twenty years, the Heiltherme Bad Waltersdorf has been a main attraction to spa-lovers throughout the year. Its thermal waters spring constantly into the seven pools of the four thousand square meters thermal baths.

You can also spend a relaxing moment at the Roman sauna shower area, where Kneipp facilities are featured. There is even an ice room where you can cool down. Furthermore, there is a sauna village with twelve cabins,  a wellness park with various activities different, health & fitness programmes and modern facilities.


Bad Blumau

When finding a spa resort in the south of Vienna, The Rogner-Bad Blumau Spa Resort would not disappoint you. It is the kind of funky-designed, high concept hotel and spa complex. It even tends to get featured on travel shows and in travel magazines a lot. The fun still continues inside the building. The corridors which link various parts of the resort together are all crooked and uneven.

Also, be amazed with the floors which tend to slope in different directions with particular symbolic meanings. The crazy windows, extraordinary rooms and round-edged tiles are some of the highlights.

However, the absolute best part of the Bad Blumau Resort are its spas and pool areas. Especially awe-inspiring is its large indoor/outdoor hot spring pool. You can lie on the poolside chairs inside or paddle around in the water undercover. For a fun experience, you can swim under a “gate” to get into the outside area of the pool. The clear waters are all fed from a natural hot spring, which apparently offers lots of healthy, healing properties.

Furthermore, there is the Vulkania hot spring which is complete with fake glowing red volcano. The water there is even warmer, and you are advised not to stay in it too long.

Therme Loipersdorf

Another Styrian corner which is rich in sauna and spas is the Therme Loipersdorf. It is well surrounded by luxury hotels and places where you can experience a fabulous spa. One remarkable place is the ‘Schaffelbad’. Its wide range of sauna pools promises to give you an overall nice experience. If you are wanting for some moments of silence, this place can offer an entire serene environment.

You will be quite surprised by the wide variety of pools and basins available: ‘The Schaffel basin’, ‘Watsu Basin’, ‘Rock Basin’, ‘Courtyard Basin’ and many more. Also, the resort’s elite treatments, relaxing massages and healthy baths are unmissable.