Senior Travel to India

Getting older doesn’t mean having to give up on travel to exotic destinations. If you’ve always wanted to travel to India but have never found the time of had the money to make it, your retirement can offer you the perfect opportunity to see the gorgeous beaches of south India or the fascinating ancient remains in the north.

India is traditionally a popular travel spot for older people, not only because of its majestic mountains and exciting safaris, but also due to the available infrastructure and facilities, which offer the chance to travel comfortably while also discovering unforgettable sights.

One of the great things about India is the sheer range of different experiences you’ll find waiting for you, meaning it’s particularly well suited to older travellers who need to be able to pick and choose their experiences wisely. The best way to make sure you get as much enjoyment out of your trip to India as possible is to be sure to plan ahead.

Booking tours and excursions before travelling will give you the chance to work out whether they will be able to offer you anything extra in the way of support or facilities. There are even plenty of tour and travel companies who cater specifically to older travellers with senior tours, so you can feel safe and secure when booking your travel.

It’s not necessary to book a long tour to enjoy your time in India however, by choosing to stay in the right kind of area or resort, you’ll find it’s perfectly easy to make the most of your holiday without being tied to one holiday group.

Be sure to write down the information of your local tourist office before you travel, just in case, spend a few inspiring hours browsing the official India Tourism.


If you’d like to get in touch with nature in India, visit Rajasthan for easy access to safaris and impressive ruins from times gone by.

On the other hand, if you’d like to get a taste of modern India, stays in metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Deli and Bangalore will give you the chance to understand this complex country by experiencing the bustle of day-to-day life as well as through theater, music and film – ideal for travellers who are keen to broaden their horizons, but aren’t able to take part in strenuous activities.

Choose what side of India you’d most like to discover, check flight prices and get set to enjoy a magical holiday.

James the author of the “Senior travel to India” is a keen traveller based in the UK, is a frequent visitor to India where he spends his time sampling new foods and exploring the beaches of Goa.