Beach Many people think that they don’t need annual travel insurance as they travel to low risk countries or purpose built resorts where the likelihood of anything untoward occurring is severely limited.

If you travel mainly within Europe, you may think that a European health card is as good as separate insurance policy.

However annual travel insurance from offers a number of benefits that can still make it a worthwhile investment even if you are unlikely to need some of the features.

Firstly, travel insurance offers a plethora of health benefits. Whilst you may be unlikely to catch a disease or fall ill in many countries you should still be prepared for the worst. Regrettably things can happen that you cannot plan for and you can often incur high fees for medical treatment or emergency room visits.

Having to worry about these things whilst in the middle of a crisis or being unable to afford treatments is a serious worry whilst travelling in foreign countries. In the event of an emergency it is much more beneficial to not have to worry about the extra stress and hassle that can come with medical bills and expenses. As in many aspects of life it is better to err on the side of caution rather than be unpleasantly surprised.

Whilst most of the time this will be unnecessary you can’t risk it becoming an issue, making comprehensive annual travel insurance cover a necessity.

Secondly, annual travel insurance policies cover a range of personal liability costs and any legal expenses you might incur whilst travelling. Again, this might seem unlikely to occur but if for any reason it should, you could end up facing a very hefty bill whatever country you may be in.

Having personal liability insurance means that, should any accidents occur, you will be covered. This again can give you added peace of mind while you travel making it a worthwhile investment.

Annual Travel Insurance for skiersThirdly, even in secure resorts and chaperoned holidays thefts and damage of personal belongings can occur. Losing your money or valuable items such as digital cameras can put a real dampener on your holiday.

Annual travel insurance policies cover most personal belongings as well as cash and credit cards so are a very good way of keeping your belongings secure. Annual travel insurance policies will cover replacement credit card fees as well as passports and travel documents should they be required.

Fourthly, and finally, annual travel insurance will generally cover any delays, trip interruptions, baggage loss and last minute cancellations. These are some of the biggest advantages of annual insurance policies as often these affect large amounts of travellers. If you are delayed at the airport and have to find and book hotels often your airline company will pay for the rooms.

However if not then you can claim on your travel insurance and you won’t have to incur additional costs. If you lose your baggage annual travel insurance policies will generally recover any costs for returning your baggage to you or arrange additional financial reimbursement for any extra expenses you incur replacing the lost items. If your trip is interrupted for any reason or you are forced to make an early return your insurance policy will cover the lost costs or lost value of the remaining days of your holiday.

Finally some, though not all, annual policies will reimburse you should you have to cancel your holiday unexpectedly. You should not book a holiday if you suspect you will have to cancel it but if you have to cancel due to unexpected circumstances you will be entitled to reimbursement. With these features as standard, annual travel insurance offers a myriad of benefits.

Whilst many single trip travel insurance policies will cover the same aspects having the knowledge and peace of mind that you are always covered in case of any eventuality makes the process of going on holiday much more enjoyable.