Quick Tips for Women

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India is best known for its variety of attractions. No television show, no books, no journal, no magazine can really categorize the true experience of traveling in India. Every one has a reason to go to India. One thing that all the female tourists need to take care of is to ensure a fun, safe and a rewarding journey.

Here are 5 tips for women tourists planning to travel in India. This will be a helpful guide to enjoy your trip. So, read on.

Pack Wisely

Always carry passport, credit cards, travelers check, money etc in the inner pocket of your jeans and shirt. It would be even better if you have a hidden belt wallet which lies inside your pants that is hidden from the view. Or else, you may try having a neck pouch which from inside your shirt.

Carry a small bag which is capable of hanging across your body. Carry along wet wipes, a couple packs of tissues, toilet paper, bum wipes, hand sanitizer, notepad, a cell phone, small tips or coins, business cards, etc.

A pair of sunglasses and hat will help to combat constant glaring rays of the sun. In this regard, sunscreen must be one item in your carry bag.  You may also bring a first aid kit or a small sewing kit and a pocket knife.

If you’re not planning to enjoy 5 star comforts, then you can forget about bringing anything delicate clothes which isn’t washable like linen or cotton.

Places to stay

When you pick accommodations or places to stay, make sure it is well lit up and is close to action. You may ask for room close to staircase or elevator. If you’re traveling alone then women owned accommodations like hostels can be your choice.

Lock your door every time. Young men are considered the backbone of most Indian accommodations as well as guesthouses. Though there are friendly but avoid answering them all the time. This might cause any mixed signals to fellow guests or male staff.

Carry Yourself Acceptably

Body language is analyzed, examined and reanalyzed by the Indians. Dancing, drinking, smoking and public display of affection is often considered as a bad moral character. If you want to travel in India then you have to keep these things in mind.

Touching people of opposite sex is very unusual in India. Even the married couples avoid display of affection publicly. It will always be better not to shake hands to the person of opposite sex unless the other person extends first. Instead say hi or hello when you greet strangers.

You can try saying “namaste” or address older people saying “Ji”. This really works for yes, hello, agreed, year and I hear you etc.

Stay safe

Keep arms folded in front of you when you are in the midst of large crowds or on a public transportation. You can avoid taking the aisle seats. This way you’re less likely to get brushed. Window seat is much preferable. Different parts of Indian sub continent follow different seating arrangement for women on trains and buses.

Always look for the women only sections when buying tickets to enter a train or bus. You can even look for the other women on the board. Carry a notepad or a book or computer as prop while traveling or sitting in open space. This offers the illusion that you’re busy and not open to the conversation.

Be in touch

You must always be in touch with your family and friends. If you’re a women touring alone in the country then it will be especially important for you. If you’ve a preset itinerary then you should follow it closely as and when possible.

You should register with the embassy of your country prior to your arrival. This involves spending a few minutes of your time online sharing the dates and starting and ending locations and contact information. Call or email home as frequently with contact information for places you’re staying.

You may also select an option of making the PC to phone calls. You can easily make your whereabouts known to your family and friends about the guest house, hotel, hotel you are in.

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