Phewa lake Pokhara in Nepal

Phewa Lake – Image by Jennifer Oxelson Ganter

Pokhara in Nepal is a very popular destination to visit if you are travelling to Nepal and is actually the third largest city in the country.

Nepal is not a rich country and Pokhara is a very small city which too Western standards would not be classed a city at all as it so smallhowever Pokhara is situated next to a beautiful lake, mountains and on a clear day you can see the tops of the Annapurna Mountain ranges which is truly breathe taking.

How To Get To Pokhara?

When you fly to Nepal you will land in the capital city of Kathmandu and from there the most cost effective way to get to Pokhara will be to travel by coach. Your best bet is to ask other fellow travellers where to get the coach from and where to buy a ticket, otherwise you could end up asking the wrong ticket tout who will over charge you considerably.

The coach rides normally take many hours and can be a very long and humid journey, however once you arrive in Pokhara it is definitely worth the long journey. You can also fly to Pokhara as it has its own small airfield. The cost is normally quite high fly, but you do gain the advantage of being able to see the stunning landscape from a birds eye view.

Why Go To Pokhara?

There are many reasons to go to Pokhara, however one of the main reasons many travellers go is because it is a good starting point for many treks that Nepal has to offer. There is a lot more to do apart from trekking in Pokhara and we have listed a few of the ‘must see’ and ‘must do’ aspects below.

Phewa Lake: This is certainly one of Nepal’s most beautiful and popular spots for tourists to come to and it is surrounded by forests and mountains. You can hire a boat and go out on the lake which can be truly enchanting early in the mornings as the sun begins to rise over the white top peaks in the distance.

Pokhara Nepal - world peace pagoda

World Peace Pagoda – Image by Yewei Zhu

World Peace Pagoda: The Peace Pagoda was constructed over 15 years ago and is situated right at the top of a small mountain where you have to hike up a path through forest. The view from the top is phenomenal and you can see right over the top of Pokhara and if you go up at sunset you will have a great view of the sun setting in the distance.

Water Sports: There are many different things you can do on the lake from renting a boat, to kayaking to canoeing which are all great fun to do during one of your days in Pokhara.

The list of things to do in Pokhara is endless, so whether you are into natural beauty, museums, long walks or outdoor sports, Pokhara will most certainly have something to offer!

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