If you’re looking forward to a summer holiday in the UK this year but don’t want to leave your dog behind, you should think about a holiday in the Lake District.  There are many pet friendly hotels to choose from and with England’s most glorious countryside surrounding you, it’s the perfect holiday destination for families with dogs.

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Skiddaw Hotel Keswick

Skiddaw Hotel Keswick is a great vacation getaway and one of the top 5 places to take your pet on holiday this summer. If you are searching for pet friendly hotels, Skiddaw Hotel Keswick is a good option – as it allows guests to bring their dogs as long as prior notice is given before their arrival.

Skiddaw Hotel is a good choice if you are looking at staying in pet friendly hotels. Here, guests can bring along their pets without worrying too much about their pet’s well being while away on holiday.

Skiddaw Hotel Keswick is a lovely bed and breakfast lodge which is close to many major attractions as well as to restaurants and shopping outlets. There are great entertainment venues for the young and energetic travellers.

Skiddaw Hotel is within close proximity to the Lake District and its spectacular waterfalls and lovely meadows. Skiddaw Hotel can be easily reached using public transportation or by car.

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Lodore Falls Hotel Keswick

Another option for those who want to stay in dog friendly hotels, consider Lodore Falls Hotel Keswick. Located only five minutes away from the centre of Keswick, guests can drive easily to the hotel. Lodore Falls Hotel is situated in the Lake District and is close to many natural attractions. There are shops, restaurants and great entertainment venues nearby.

Guests can also enjoy spa service, beauty service, swimming, sauna and the tennis court. Guests can take their dog out for a long walk and enjoy this wonderful summer holiday with their pet animals.

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The Borrowdale Hotel Keswick

Another great vacationing spot to enjoy with your family and pet animal. The Borrowdale Hotel Keswick, one among the many famous pet friendly hotels, allows guests to bring their pets when coming on holiday, as long as the hotel is informed in advance. Located on the Lake District and with many natural attractions nearby, Borrowdale Hotel offers its guests a wonderful summer holiday to relax and unwind with their families.

Easily accessible by car, guests can visit many of the attractions simply by walking. Rooms provide plenty of amenities which include en suite bathrooms, televisions, daily newspapers and air conditioned, non smoking accommodation.

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Keswick Lodge

Keswick Lodge is a truly great holiday getaway and is considered to be one of the best hotels in Keswick. It provides warm hospitality for families looking to a weekend getaway. One of the known dog friendly hotels – Keswick Lodge accommodates the needs of pets who accompany families, provided the hotel staff are informed well ahead of time.

You can now relax and enjoy your summer holiday with your family and pet dog, without being too anxious about where you are going to house your dog when away on holiday.

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Keswick Hotel Bacton

This one’s not actually in the Lake District.  Our researcher got a bit muddled up!  It’s actually in Bacton, Norfolk,  but it is a popular dog friendly hotel so if you fancy taking your canine friend to the Norfolk Coast and Norfolk Broads you should definitely check this ones out.

Keswick Hotel Bacton is another dog friendly hotel to take your pet on a summer holiday. You can now bring along your pets to enjoy your holiday with. Now, you don’t have to be too anxious about where you are going to drop off your dog, while enjoying a holiday with your family.

Guests who bring their pets will have to include £10 as an extra charge for cleaning. Guests are required to inform the hotel with advance notice given of their intention to come with their pets.

Keswick Hotel Bacton is a wonderful town and there are a variety of things to do while holidaying there. For the energetic there are activities such as golfing.

For visitors who like walking, take your pet and walk along the lovely coastline and along the stately homes in Blickling and Felbrigg. If you like bird watching and sailing, this is an ideal place to try out your favourite pastimes.

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