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Eco-tourism is a major force in the vacation and travel industries, and rightfully so. Caring for our planet should be something that everyone should consider, even when it comes to schedule our holidays. Although there are “eco-friendly” destinations everywhere, some are just in name only. If you’re seeking a true green experience that will also be fun and rewarding, try these destinations.

  1. Green hotelCosta Rica. This tiny Central American country is a real favorite for all kinds of travelers, but those who want an eco-experience have plenty to choose from. There is an amazing level of biodiversity in Costa Rica, which puts aside as much as 25% of its landmass in national parks, reserves, and other protected areas. There are many green tourist endeavors you can patronize here, from zero-impact nature tours, zipline excursions, tours of green businesses such as cocoa and sugar processing plants, and all-green hotels. For those with the desire to get away from it all and live simply yet elegantly, in tune with nature, stay at an eco-resort such as those found in the Osa Peninsula, close to the amazing Corcovado National Park, one of the most biologically diverse terrestrial sites in the world. There are some magnificent places to lay your head, such as the Lapa Rios Lodge, Jinetes de Osa Lodge, or the Luna Lodge.
  2. Scandinavia. Historically comprised of the countries of Sweden, Norway and Denmark, Scandinavia is Northern Europe best and most beautiful Spot. Surprisingly, you can also find elegant getaways and back-to-nature excursions that will satisfy the most environmentally conscious traveler in Scandinavia, all with the typical warmth, charm, and hospitality the Northern Europeans are known for. Enjoy alpine vistas, roaring fjord, walk on pebbly beaches, watch the Northern Lights paint the sky with colors, and be dazzled by the cool green depths of the Boreal forests. Dogsled safari tours, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing, and much more can be fascinating pastimes. You can stay in luxurious or more humble accommodations that are also attuned with the environment, such as in Sweden’s renowned Treehotel, or the Skandis Kna Hotel in Norway’s quaint capital city, Oslo. It feels positively decadent to be so pampered; all the while knowing you’re not harming the environment.
  3. Southeast Asia. Until you have paddled a canoe or a kayak down a mysterious jungle river, surrounded by the rustling jade-green jungle and the calls of the birds the only sounds you can hear, you haven’t really lived. This is the kind of experience Southeast Asia can bring you: you aren’t an observer, you’re part of the experience, really one with nature. There are several tourism gems in this neglected corner of the world, places in Laos, Viet Nam, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, and Malaysia where you can literally step back in time and see how the simple people live, how their ancestors worshipped, and still retire in luxury to accommodations that are in harmony with nature. You can climb the steps of ancient temples and still hear the chanting of the monks; you can ride rapids or horses or ATVs or bicycles through wilderness and quaint villages. You can eat some of the most amazing and unique food on the planet. Because Asia is such a new and developing tourism venue, many countries such as Cambodia, Laos and Viet Nam have made it a priority to make their offerings as environmentally friendly as possible. By patronizing these countries and sampling their wonders, you can encourage the development of a green industry from the ground up.


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The post has been contributed by Aishwarya Vohra. She loves exploring new places and is very environment conscious.