Last Minute Caribbean CruisesLet me ask you to put yourself into a position I have been in a number of times. You have a week off from work coming up and nothing planned. What do you do?

First of all let me tell you what I always did. Nothing. I passed a week, or sometimes two, in bed or watching rubbish daytime television and eating junk food while complaining about being bored.

Then something strange happened to me. I discovered that there was a whole wide world out there waiting to be discovered if only I had the courage and willpower to go out and find it.

One holiday for some reason I decided to look up the internet for a cheap last minute deal. I was so bored of the telly and the Pot Noodles that I would have went anywhere but in the end I found a trip up to the north of Scotland.

It was already well into autumn so I packed my long johns, camera and a few books before heading off into the unknown.

Can I Go Away on My Own?

I think what had stopped me from doing this sort of thing before was the fear that people would think I was a bit sad for going on holiday alone. But do you know what happened? I loved it. Every minute of it. I discovered new places, made some new friends and forgot all about work for a few sweet days.

Now my next step after that was to get a bit more adventurous with each trip I made. London, Paris and Rome have all been graced by my presence recently, although I didn’t have to take my long johns every time thankfully.

Here I find myself at the next crossroads. Do I look at a trip on a Caribbean cruise ship or is that just too adventurous for someone like me?

Will I Take the Next Step?

I know that cheap cruises are available on late deals and I have always wanted to see the Caribbean, but going so far from home all alone and on a boat strikes a bit of fear into me. It is a long way from Skye and even from London or the elegant streets of Paris.

It is at moments like this when life defining decisions are made I think. Late cruises to the Caribbean might not be the be all and end all of life but I feel making this bold decision could open up a whole new world to me all over again.

Of course, even as I ask myself the question I already know the answer. I find that when I have a serious decision to make I always know the answer deep down, and I guess that most people get the same sensation. When I go against these instincts is when I run into problems and lose my way a bit.

So you’ll have to excuse me if I wrap up here, you see I am already looking for a last minute Caribbean cruises site even while I write.

See more of the world with last minute Caribbean cruises which keep you well fed, entertained and happy to be on board. Don’t miss out on a potential life changing experience like this if you want to make more of life.