Aside from the beautiful views, the summits, and the breathtaking lakes, Lake District also parades its long list of world-class restaurants. Each restaurant may differ from the other, but all boast of serving guests great cuisine that it is explicitly Cumbrian. Of course, there are also international items on the menu.

Michelin Star Restaurants - Sharrow Bay

A number of Lake District restaurants have been rated by the highly respected Michelin Red Guide, the oldest and most reliable hotel and restaurant guide in Europe. The Michelin Red Guide awards the so-called Michelin Stars to restaurants that have passed certain standards set by the Guide’s panel of judges. Needless to say, more stars mean better food, better ambiance, and better in almost everything.

Keswick city is one of the most well-known cities in Lake District. Apart from the grand Keswick hotels that offer guests and tourists great accommodation Deals on Hotels in Keswick, a number of the Michelin-starred restaurants are located in this city. And most of them do offer great food than a number of luxury Keswick hotels and they are certainly worth a try.

borrowdale hotelsOne of the prominent Keswick restaurants that has node from the Michelin Red Guide is the Hazel Bank Country House. The restaurant can seat around 20 guests at a time and provides a very homey atmosphere that really entices diners to enjoy their time while dining and in the company of their friends and loved ones.

The restaurant offers a four-course Table D’ Hote menu that includes a vegetarian alternative for those who prefer to have a non-meat diet. Among their celebrated offerings include seared Lakeland lamb steak with red currants and cappers and vegetarian strudel filled with pear, walnuts and Stilton. Hazel Bank Country House is also takes pride in the fact that they use local produce for the food they serve to their guests.

Woodhouse is also another Lakeland restaurant that parades a Michelin star. Guests are treated to an elegant dining room that flaunts a very well-decorated interior. Guests will certainly enjoy what the restaurant has to offer such as the marinated cucumber with smoked salmon, the honey glazed duck in a fruity ginger sauce, and the parmesan topped baked tomato and green beans.

Michelin Star Restaurants



The Holborrowdalebeck Ghyll Country House Hotel and Restaurant in Windermere has a very god reputation when it comes to Anglo-French cuisine restaurant in Lake District. Owning a Michelin star since 2000, the Holbeck Ghyll Country House offers much more than food – great informal service, an extensive selection of wine, and a very great view of Lake Windermere.

Another Windermere restaurant that boasts of a Michelin star is the Gilpin Lodge. What they brag is not the way they present their food on their plate, but rather, Gilpin Lodge takes pride in their sensible approach when it comes to serving their guests. Using fresh and local produce, Gilpin Lodge serve their food with a hint of “imagination without being silly.”